Wednesday 16 November 2011

Vintage coffee table.

So my husband was being really nice to me (or he was really bored) and he started looking on kijiji the other night for a new project for me. Like I don't have enough to do (you should see my basement!) and he came across this old table. 
 This is just a picture since I'm sitting at work and can't take a pic of the one I now have sitting in my garage. 
This is solid, and I mean solid walnut. The wood is over an inch thick and HEAVY!
So now I have a table. First thought was, what a perfect bench. Actually my husband thought of that. I totally agreed with him. BUT then another thought came I know, dangerous to think. 
So now we are thinking of getting rid of those heinous  unique legs and getting other ones that are much taller, thus creating a hall way or couch table out of this fine piece of wood. 

Which way would you go with this? I'm open to all ideas. Ohhh by the way, that drawer does open and is a wonderful asset either way. 


  1. Pretty cool! It could also be a TV stand. Has the right shape for the big screens. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. We kinda thought that as well :) I should probably mention that it's 72 inches's BIG but narrow.

  3. Very Scandinavian looking especially the leg design. At that length, it's perfect coffee table for a 3 seater, and may even be suitable for an end of the bed bench, especially for King sized beds :)