Monday 10 February 2014

Monday finds :)

I love and I hate Mondays. 
I love them because they are filled with possibilities for the start of a new week. I get up with so many plan on all the wonderful things I can get done during the week. 

But by noon, my hopes are dashed as I have gotten to so few of the things on my to do list. 

But....Normally the things that have taken up my Monday mornings are things that I really needed to get out of the way.

Today was no different. 
Bonus today was going shopping with one of my wonderful clients and getting to throw ideas back and forth on decorating her home. 

Today we picked up this. 

 A damaged dresser.
 Normally I would do something like and "classic" with this, but it's going into a home theater room. Not your average home theater with chairs and a big screen. My client has a much bigger vision. She is incorporating a popcorn machine, a hot dog rotisserie, and a full cabinet with all sorts of candies. 
So this is getting an industrial make over and will hold all their dvd's, cd's, etc. I can't wait to see how she pulls it all together :) 
 She also scored this wonderful vintage chair which will get redone as well for her daughters bedroom. Now for her daughters approval and a choice of colour and material before I rip it apart.

 This has some of the most unique details. It's going to look fantastic when done :)

Then I picked up this maple dresser
This will be going to a baby that is still waiting to be born. I've discussed colour with the mom to be and a vision is coming together. 

But for now, I have to finish a vanity and dresser set...ohhh Monday where did you go. I see this week flying by way to fast. 

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