Tuesday 18 February 2014

My Brazilian Love

I don't normally talk much about ME. 
But I'm breaking that tonight. 
You see I found something I just have to share. 

Although my blog is called "Crafty in Canada" I wasn't born here. 
I was born in the Netherlands (Holland)
I came to Canada when I was a very little girl. 
At one point in my life I moved to Brazil and worked there as a missionary. 
I came back to Canada and I married, had my kids, divorced, remarried (amazing husband if I haven't mentioned that) And now work for myself. 

Before I get off track here, I want to hone in on my time in Brazil. If you ever get a chance to go there, don't turn it down. The country is amazing! So many places to see, and so very different from south to north, east to west. You won't regret a moment, I promise! 

I have so many wonderful memories from my time there. So many wonderful experiences. I literally bawled most of my flight back to Canada, I did NOT want to leave. 

While I was there I tasted some amazing foods. One was the pizza. Yes the Pizza. Very different than what is served here. You eat it with mustard. Yes I know that sounds strange, but it's awesome. 

The other food I remember is Pão de Queijo. It's a cheese bun. A flavour I just could never forget. 
I had no idea how to make these and over the years I've thought of them often, but just in passing, just a part of my past...a fond memory. 

Then the other day I opened pinterest to find something and what pops up...food. What caught my eye was the word Brazilian. 
hmmmmmm could it be? 
Was it possible? 
I mean you can't get Jabuticaba here, how could you get these amazing buns here. (note, Jabuticaba is a fruit that for some unknown reason they don't export..it's their secret and they won't share, big meanies!) 
So of course I clicked on the link and just had to try...even if they turned out awful I just had to try. 
The picture is really really bad. 
Of course I'm going to have to make more since these turned out so well. 

I could of course just give you the recipe and explain what I did, but I have to give credit to the website I found it on. 

I did change out the parmesean for an old cheddar. And I just rinsed my hands often as I was forming the balls instead of using oil. 
They do NOT taste like cheese buns here at all, which is a good thing. 
So do try them out. 
They are glutten free. 
Oh and just so you know what they really should look like with someone that knows how to snap more than just a phone picture.
Have fun with them, and think about your diet tomorrow :)

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