Thursday 13 June 2013

Dressers to benches.

I'm in a groove. 
The benches groove. 
I see benches all over now. Well they are in my mind. 
I've done a few of these. 
Dressers to benches. 
Normally I do them because something is so massively wrong (in my mind any way) that I can't just refinish them. 
Sometimes it's a missing drawer, sometime the tops are so warped I can't fix it. 
Or as in this case the top was warped and there was a terrible stain in the top I simply couldn't get it out. 
So I switched it to this. 
 Don't you love it? I do. I did a base of blue chalk paint then covered it in a grey paint...then distressed like crazy!

 The original pulls didn't look right so I found these in my stash and thought they fit so much better :)
 I love the curve!

 That back is made with only two solid pieces of wood and I had to highlight it. I couldn't just leave it alone

I'm going to be so sad to see this one go. But I know that come Monday when it's new owners pick it up it will be loved just as much if not more by them. 

Now a sneak peek of two more I've been working on this week. 

 I don't have a before picture, but it used to be an old TV console. So very solid even though I bought it without the TV in it. Nice because I didn't have to rip that part out.
And this one. It used to be an old Stereo console. Again, a French Provincial style. Sadly I had to rip the guts out of it. Now let me tell you that was NOT FUN! 
Full story when I get it done. I can't wait to share :) 

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  1. I love your style of renovating. Looking forward to the final outcome. I'm your newest fan!

  2. The first one, the painted one, was that the original top that you used for the seat?
    And how do you reinforce the seat so it can be sat on without sagging or being too weak?

    These are fantastic.

    I did something similar, making a couple of dresser bottoms into dog beds. They came out cute.

    1. The top is original and cut to fit inside, also turned over for more detail to show. There are supports on all sides under the seating as well as through the sides and back. I'm insane and I build my benches so they NEVER come apart. :)

  3. cleaver re-do or re-purpose. The benches are wonderful.

  4. I love your bench!!! Pinned:) New follow for your page. Found you at the knick of time party. Follow me too at