Monday 30 September 2013

Barn board table

Not sure about where you are but we have been having some amazing fall weather lately. 
Yesterday while outside I took a deep breath and smelled fall. You know, that smell that has falling leaves and fresh air mixed together.
Makes me want to go out and rake leaves.
I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of that in the next couple of weeks. 
But till then I will open my workshop doors and enjoy these last few weeks before the rain and snow hits us. 
And I will take as many outside pictures as I can. 

Like this one. 

 This was taken a few months ago. I had picked up this table in hopes of redoing the solid wood top and painting the bottom.
I absolutely loved the legs and thought a bit of light paint and some distressing would go great on this piece. 
But like several of my projects that are not already spoken for it was pushed to the side of my workshop and it sat there till mid Aug. 
One of our neighbours came over and was rooting around in all the unclaimed furniture when she spied this table. 
We talked about what she wanted (she needed a new table) We talked about options and came up with a plan. 
This is the end result.
 Barn Board!
This process is not for the faint of heart. 
I literally had to go to a guys field and pick out the barn board. Not fun when you are looking to find a few to make a table and they were not all in the best of shape. 
And to top it off, it was raining while I was doing it. (lol) So picture me with a farmer in the middle of a field full of barn boards in the rain separating a few hundred boards to find enough that were not warped, split or had to many holes in them.
I then had to stack them with blocks of wood between layers to let them dry. 
Then off to my father in laws to get them planed. He's been great! And I love that I can just call him up anytime to use some of his tools when I need them. How wonderful to have a highly trained cabinet maker in the family :)
 We cut the middle section out from the table base and painted it "French Vanilla" then distressed it.

 Just look at that top. 6 coats of highly durable varnish! Sanding between coats to make it come out as smooth as glass. 
I love it. 
The neighbour will pick it up next weekend. 
At which point we will discuss colours for this.
She doesn't want the mirror and I think she may go with a grey...ohhh what fun :) 

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  1. It looks GREAT!!!

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