Wednesday 16 April 2014

Finally back to work!

I think I shared something I picked up a couple of weeks ago. 

 It's a storage unit of some sort
 Not sure I would call it a buffet or a cupboard or what I would call it.
It's a wonderful piece though. Solid and I absolutely love the details on it. 
It didn't take long to catch a clients eye and for the two of us to talk about how she wanted it finished off. 
It's going to be used in her home to hold games and I think a TV on top of it. 
 She wanted the top natural and the rest black and distressed.

 I took the pictures in my garage since that is where I worked on it.

 I had to add knobs since there was nothing there to open it with. Seriously there was nothing there to begin with, so I didn't have to fill any pre existing holes. Nice for me but very confusing. Who builds something with no way to open it? (shakes head)
Ah well.. now this piece with be opened a lot to get games out and put them back in. I love unique storage units..and if they look great like this one does its a huge bonus. 

Bring on family night! 

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  1. I have a very similar piece that I did a few years ago and then gave it to my daughter. I love it. I painted ours white! xo Diana

  2. I think any colour would have worked on this piece :) Black or white are both so very classic :)