Monday 15 December 2014

Vintage Sideboard

Oh my, I have not been blogging like I normally do. 
It's been a very busy fall. 
The Christmas season is normally pretty busy, but it seems like we have been having family gatherings just about every weekend since September. 
I think we may take a couple of days off to be by ourselves right after Christmas. I think..I hope. 

I've been working hard. 
I mean really hard. If you follow me on facebook, you can see all the things I've been doing. I really encourage you to do that. 

A couple of weeks ago I did a dresser for a new client. I don't think I even have pictures of it for you. 
And if you don't know how this business works it goes something like this. 

Client calls..." I have a friend" 
Me..."friends are good"
Client..."she has some stuff she wants to get rid of, I'm not sure if you would be interested. I mean I'm sorry if you aren't, it's old, you like old stuff right?"
Me... "I love old stuff" 
Client.."I told her you might like it, here is her number you can pick it up right away, she wants it gone"

numbers are exchanged and I make the call. 
After all it's old stuff. 

I went, I looked I brought home
Isn't it sweet? 
I love when clients think of me. Thank you MJ :) 

Of course I had to get to work on it. 
I picked a colour combo of Cottage white and sage green. 

And she turned out wonderfully :) 

 I forgot to remove the dust from the top after the final sanding.

 I love when all the pieces are still there. Often these sliding drawers are gone. This one had lots of ink stain, so the bottoms of the drawers were taken out and flipped over before I even tried to finish it off. I could have sealed it and hoped for the best, but I've learned that sometimes it's easier to flip it than to fight it :)
So much nicer now don't you think? 

And the new owner is so pleased. She went home tonight. :) 

The perfect piece for Christmas gatherings. 
I hope Tracey sends me pictures of it in it's new home. 

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