Saturday 7 February 2015

My caotic life.

I'm not sure if I'm busier on week days or weekends.

A lot of my clients show up in the evening or on weekends. I do my running around during the day, and once in a while I spend an evening at the studio to catch up on work I couldn't do during the day.

Then I look around and see the mess I've made and I smile.
I work for myself :)

I really should take a pic of my reality, but I'm embarrassed by it at times. I shouldn't be right?

Today I didn't get anything "done" nothing "finished"
But I had a really good time.

I was able to say goodbye to this
 I can't say I was sad to see it go. I mean it was BIG! But at the same time I was almost hoping that no one was going to buy it because it would have been the perfect replacement in my office. Hubby almost gasped when I suggested it. I think he was hoping to save his back.

 I made these wonderful shelves from raw planks, the kind barn boards are made from. I need to do more of this. I swear. I love the look! 

But getting it out meant that I could continue work on some chairs. 
They have been driving me crazy. But I should be able to start painting them on Monday! Doing a mental happy dance! 

And I was able to work on all of this............

I sent my husband a BBM and told him I felt like drawers were multiplying while I wasn't looking. 

But getting to work on all of this means that I will have tons of "finished" products at some point next week. 

And that's what happens when you do it all on your own. 
You get things done, moved out and a ton more right behind it. 

I'm blessed.


  1. Omigosh I love that first piece!

    1. Thanks Anne. I'm still waiting for them to send me a pic of it in their kitchen :)

  2. Chaos seems to be contagious...haha. I love that piece. It is huge but it is gorgeous.