Saturday 19 October 2013

Closing up shop :(

No...not forever and not even for a week. 
But closing up the cottage shop. 

It's sad, not sad as in frowning. Sad as in rip my heart out sad. 

You see, here in South western Ontario it's the middle of October and I've come to the realization that we aren't going to get really warm days anymore this year. As I sat shivering this morning and early afternoon getting the Hoosier finished I admitted to myself that this will be the last piece to see my cottage workshop till Spring. 

I love the cottage. I love the workshop I have here. I love it with every bone in my body, and I glory in the time I spend here working. 
But it's time
Time to close up shop and move everything left home. 
Where it's warm. 

yup...warmth wins! 

So lets see just a few of the things I've done here this spring, summer and fall. 
 This wonderful Sideboard!
The Barn Board Table
 This amazing Cabinet
 And the teal Desk
 A wonderful Buffet and hutch
 School Desk
This creamy dresser
 These wonderful Side tables
 This wonderful tall dresser
 An amazing desk
This duncan Phyfe side table
 Antique wash stand
 American Empire Desk
 Round coffee table
 BEAUTIFUL dresser
 Mid Century Sideboard
 Mid Century Buffet and hutch
 Eastlake table (for my husband)
 Round table (For my hubby)
 Occasional Table
 Headboard and bedside table in pink
 Purple desk
 Office table from record holder
 Two tone dining set
 Bowfront sideboard
Mexican bedside table. 

Ohhh there are more, but these are my favs. 
It's been a good summer. I loved it. 
Sadly packing up. But at the same time I'm looking forward to all the exciting pieces I'll be working on at home. 

Can I just move south? pack everything up and open shop where there is no snow? 

Ahhh I can dream can't I? 


  1. Wow, been "lurking" here for a while, but I wanted to say that you do some amazing work!
    And I agree about closing up the cottage for the Winter - it's a sad time, I would think, but at least the change of seasons goes out with a bang (of colour, that is0 Kinda jealous you get to spend Autumn at the cottage! *lol*

    1. Just have to breath and count down the days till spring. Thanks for "lurking" :)