Thursday 24 October 2013

Wardrobe (part 1)

It's getting cold out there and I'm not happy about that. 
But I'm really happy to have my daughter home for a week. She is in her final semester at college and this is her reading week. 
I haven't gotten to spend as much time with her as I had hoped. Apparently she has "friends" who want to see her as well. 
This is what I get for dedicating my life to raising kids...they seem to think it's ok to grow up and move on with "their" life! 
Seriously I love her, and am blessed with all my kids. 

Life goes in cycles doesn't it? 

Each stage in life has a time and a purpose. 

A while back I blogged about how I came to redo a Hoosier. Read it HERE 

As part of this deal, I had an antique wardrobe come into my possession. The couple were/are in the process of clearing out her grandmothers old farm house. They are redoing the whole thing and will be living there themselves. I love when a home continues in a family! 

When we were going through the house the husband said something about an old wardrobe in pieces. My heart started beating just a bit faster. The wife said to her husband "oh no Stan, she wouldn't want THAT old thing" 
I didn't want to push, but I did say I would love to see it. 

I wish I had taken a picture of it in an old dirt floor garage where it had been living for who knows how many years. Covered in dust and in pieces.
 These pics were taken AFTER we had already started the repair on it.
 But obviously before I had a chance to clean it out (I left the mouse nest behind before I loaded it up in my truck)
 I love that it is antique, love the shape and size and love that it's going to be useable again :)

 See all the bits and pieces? Drool over the fancy front!
But what a pile of work. I took that front and all that detail came off, stripped, sanded it (by hand) and replaced. 
Ohhhh I can't wait to finish it. 
Still a ways to go, but oh my it's going to be pretty! 
Better finish my coffee and get back at it. 
Have a great Thurs. 

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  1. All I keep thinking when I see wardrobes is why doesn't anybody ever paint a lamp post on the back wall. I just always want it to look just for that split second like you have finally found the doorway to Narnia.