Thursday 28 August 2014

I love history.

I'm a real sucker for history. 
All sorts of history. 
So when a piece of furniture comes my way, and there is a story behind it I fall in love even more. 

As some of you know I've been playing a bit with upholstery. Yes I've done a few pieces but it still intimates me. I would love to redo a set of wing back chairs, but am slightly terrified of ruining them. 
So what better way than to jump in and do a couch and chair. 
That should be easier right? 


So the search began. I wanted something like this...this basic shape.
Yummy right? 
It didn't take all that long. I found this. 
 Aren't they pretty?
A bit intimidating..but whats life without stretching yourself a bit. 
I bought the chair first. I told the owner I just couldn't do the couch. It would be to much. It's so big! I was terrified. 
Then she told me. 
This set belonged to her parents. It sat in the "good living room" You know..the room no one was allowed to sit in. (I personally never understood that concept) 
He mother passed away and they were in the process of getting rid of things. She loved this set. She didn't want to see it go, but it didn't fit in her house. Her siblings didn't want it, and she was very sad to sell it. 
I shared with her my vision. My daughter was with me when I went to pick it up. Just the chair...I asked if she would split the set up, and she agreed. 
So the chair came home. 
And it was lonely
And I couldn't stop thinking about the couch. 
Finally my hubby told me to just go get it. 
Lucky for me, she still had the couch. 
Thankfully the material scared other would be buyers away. 
So it came home...again with the help of our daughter. She is in love with this set. 
Then yesterday, I went to the office for the day and I told daughter to rip it apart, never for a moment thinking she would....
She did.......guess I better get this one done. 
Ohhh and the woman who sold me the set.....well she is just about as excited to see the finished product as I am. 
She was so happy to see me get it over some college kid that would destroy it and leave it on the curb come spring. 
Lets hope everyone's trust and faith in me is justified.
Let the fun begin!

Miss Mustard Seed

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  1. Make that 3 of us - I can't wait to see what you do with these !!!