Wednesday 6 August 2014

My newest love!

When you are in a business like mine, your furniture and your style is constantly changing. 
Things that you loved 2 years ago may not be what you love today. 
Or you still love but want to change all over again. 

A couple of years ago I found a set of wing backed chairs. Don't worry, I will post pictures of those another time. 
They were in GREAT shape..but not the material I wanted and to be honest I was scared of ripping them apart to experiment on I used them as was. 

But lately I've been falling in love with these. 

Not these exactly...but this idea. Caned back barrel chairs. 

I seriously wanted to try my hand at making one over. 
And my search began. 
I started online. Kijiji. 
Oh my...there were Two in Ontario, and they were so far away I just couldn't justify driving that far. 
So I scoured every second hand store I could think of. 
Every yard was always on the top of my list. 
Nothing....absolutely nothing. 
And those far away ones online.....well they were also out of my price range. 
I was losing hope. 
Then we went away to a really big flea market in Midland, Michigan. 
After scouring the market for most of the day we started circling back to spots we had seen already. 
And there she was.....
My poor husband. I had not shared my desired to redo one of these and he thought I was losing my mind as I quickly rushed over and sat in the chair. (my way of claiming it for myself) I was dumbfounded that no one had snatched this beauty up already. After all it was getting later in the day. 
What kind of person would just pass it by? 
Oh well, their loss, my gain. 
I talked to the owner and made a deal that we were both very thrilled with. So, hubby (bless his heart) picked it up and hauled it to the I almost floated beside him regaling him with my visions of what it would look like when I was done.

 He now agrees with me :) I freely admit my pictures suck. But the chair doesn't.
 Hubby was so thrilled with how it turned out that he wanted to get rid of the wing backed chairs and put this in our bedroom (ignore his gym bag...again, I'm not a
Black distressing and great material...and viola.....we have beauty! 

And as often happens...after searching for months and not finding..the flood gates opened and I found two more! 

So another one was done to match the one destined for our bedroom
 This one was given the same treatment as the other...and now proudly sits on my side of the bedroom :)

Soooooooo sweet. 

And then a 3rd came to me. But I decided to do something a bit different. 

 I'm not certain which I like more. This one was more of a learning experience for me...and I love that.
 I love the colour and the material and don't actually want to see it leave my house...but I'm sure that once I finish it, it will sell quickly. I need to get some edging or whatever you sewers and upholsterers call know that finishing touch thing :)

 Around the legs and on the back.

 All three are different but equally beautiful :) 
Yes the last pic is the worst...but in my defense I took it with my phone just before I loaded them to bring them home. 

Ahhh another addiction satisfied. 


  1. I too happened upon the same type of chair in ugly brown with naugahide fake leather. I spray painted it in antique white and did the ulpolstry in blue french toile. I found that it took alot of paint to get that cainning covered.

    1. I tried once to stray paint a basket, and like you found that it took a LOT of spray paint. These were done with chalk paint and took two coats which is perfect. :)