Wednesday 15 October 2014

Broken beauty

If you read all the wonderful blogs around the web describing how to or showing off wonderful pieces of furniture. You know that most of the people pouring their hearts and souls into this wonderful craft do an AWESOME job! 

But then there are others who "think" they know what they are doing. 
I understand there is a learning curve for redoing furniture. 
I get that. 
And I know the quality of my own work has improved over the years. 

But when people sell unsuspecting customers extremely poor quality work it ticks me off! 

 Wonderful Gate-Leg table right? I mean who doesn't love the scooped edges and the spindle legs.
 It's perfect..............well kind of.
 The seller loaded it in the truck for the new owner and neglected to mention this break. I think this was dirty and underhanded.
My client brought it to me, hoping I could fix it. When I bent down to check it odour hit me full on! Mold! 

My client was just about in tears wondering if she should just toss it out. I told her I would work on it and keep her up to date. 

And as she was leaving, I vowed to myself..........No matter how bad the news, I would be honest with those I deal with. I would not try to hide a problem, and I know I can trust people to hear the truth and work with me in fixing it.....and fixing it correctly! 

Now to get to work. 

Miss Mustard Seed

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