Thursday 9 October 2014

Tossed Chairs, turned out great!

Sometimes things happen for a reason. 

A couple of months go (time flies) I found a great couch for me to redo.
You can read about it here. Couch rebuild

My daugher was a big part of the pick up. As I was driving, she was looking out the window when suddenly she screeched, you parents know the sound of excited children right? It was one of those sounds. 
She couldn't get the words out fast enough. There were chairs on the side of the road (large item garbage was the next day and these were being tossed) 

Lovely right? 
Did you see the size of those upholstery nails? Unreal! 
So after loading the couch, unloading the couch and then going back for the was dark and these were the only pics I got. 
They were solid and I knew I could do something with them. 

When ripping apart 6 chairs, it's best to take your time. Do a bit then break and do something else. This way you are not tempted to toss the whole pile onto the fire pit and douse it with gasoline. 

Then finish it all in one last push...
And come up with this. 
 Three colours (since they sold before I could paint or stain, new owners picked what they wanted)

 They are going to look fabulous in their new home.

I can't wait for my client to come see them in person. Just in time for our Canadian Thanksgiving! 

Lesson in this....listen when your kids screech, and never pass up a great deal! 

Miss Mustard Seed
Beyond the Picket Fence 


  1. The chairs turned out beautifully, and I so love the pattern you used. I always can't believe what people throw out. Thanks for stopping by and liking the vintage cabinet I found... wishing you find one too! Following on GFC!

  2. Way better! I would love if you come link up tomorrow on the Monday party!