Saturday 29 November 2014

Auction season has begun!

During the summer months I get out a lot and search yard sales and I have a few contacts I gather furniture from. Which is wonderful! I love it. 

But during the colder months there are no yard sales.
BUT there are auction sales. Which I also love in a totally different way. 

This week I was able to hit a couple of online auctions. 
And I have to share my finds with you. 

Check out this bedroom set. 

What a great tall boy..with all those hidden drawers and do you see those legs? DROOL! 

Then the matching Dresser 
With the same legs of course...
And then...........
The bed I fell in love with! 
I always love these beds!
 The details on top are just the cream on the top
And of course more leg love! 

At the second auction I found some more amazing things. 
 Another bedroom set in a totally different but equally beautiful style.
 This one will be going to a little girls bedroom, where I'm sure she will love it for years to come!

 I don't normally buy lamps, but I couldn't resist this solid brass one. HEAVY but wait till you see what I do with it.

 And who doesn't love bare lamp shades....Can't you picture this one with a vintage light done in an industrial way?
 And stools...they are so versatile.

And chairs...going to do something fun with these. 

Have you been to auctions lately? What did you find? 

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