Monday 19 January 2015

The bed from HEdoubleLL

It's so pretty. 
So many nice details. 
BUT oh my oh my
I've come across the bed from mishap H.E. double L.L. 

It all started innocently enough. 
Found a wonderful antique bed and brought it home. 
 Obviously my taking pictures didn't work very well either. I know that somewhere in one of my thousands of albums there is a true "before pic" But really. This seems more appropriate.
They look fine don't they? 
But even getting them to this point was a chore. I sanded them down and as feared the dreaded bleed through happened. Not a big issue if you are painting it dark, but when you are using a cottage's a huge problem. 
Thankfully I knew what to do and these pics are after I fixed it. (hint, seal it with a poly, stain blocking primers do NOTHING!) 
With that taken care of it was time to get it really painted. 
Including the side rails. 
 Amazing right? Looks wonderful. All ready to go to a sweet little girl.
 Side rails are perfect. Everything is ready. So I thought, I'll put it together and take some pics.

 This is the kind of bed where there is a bolt that goes through the center and wood slides into the slots. But when I went to put it didn't fit! Panic mode. My client/friend was coming the next day to get it. Quickly I called hubby who ran to the basement to confirm my fears.....I had taken the wrong side rails. Run home and do it all over again.
 See the difference between the two ends? Look closely. The width between the wood slots is different.
But finally I got it done 
phew......kind of. 
The saga continued. 
When she got it home the bolt (which I KNOW came with this bed) didn't fit. 
She started calling it "Frustrating Friday" 
I ended up heading over to her place, just going there was so much easier than trying to explain what I wanted her to do. 
We ended up ripping the old nuts out, going and getting new nuts and bolts and putting it all together again. 
Today she sent me this. 
See the problem? The part on the side rails where the cross wood sits on? yup...on the floor. It fell off. 
This bed did not want to be messed was perfectly happy sitting in my basement and being left alone. 
After all this kicking and screaming from one stubborn better start behaving!

I can't wait for the after pics when she is all set up and ready to actually be used. 

Ever have a project that just didn't want to behave? 

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  1. Oh dear! Did you get it fixed? The best thing to use before painting furniture is shellac. I use Zinsser Bulls eye clear shellac. It dries quickly and will allow anything to be painted over the top of it (except poly and you wouldn't do that anyway). Covers knots and any orangey bleed-through. This is what everyone should use inside unpainted wood drawers as well as it will not transfer odors on clothing or anything inside the drawer. Thought this might help!