Thursday 29 January 2015

Tuxedo Dresser

I don't often name my dressers or any of my furniture. I've tried since I think it's oh so cute and cleaver. Sadly I'm not one of those bloggers that come up with all sorts of cutesie names. 

But I did today :) 

Check out the sweet dresser I found

 I know I know. My picture taking talent just amazes you. Trust me I'm amazed too! :)

Ceiling pics in the garage are my favorite. Don't you agree?

ok, enough of me making fun of myself. You came to see the finished product. 

 I wanted to do something I never do with a french provincial style dresser. 
Paint it BLACK!

 Who would have thought that it would look so ready for a night on the town?
 Pass by the next lack of a ceiling is almost starting to embarrass me.

 Lets just focus on the curves and oh so pretty details
And you know..I didn't glaze or distress this one even a little bit. She is perfect just as she is. :) 

Miss Mustard Seed