Saturday 18 February 2012

Vintage turned lovely buffet/hutch :)

A week and a half ago a client of mine asked me to help her find a buffet and hutch for her workshop. She makes jewelery and wanted something that would showcase her creations. 
So we both searched for something suitable. Something in her budget and something that would be ready for her "open house". 
Tall order...but we were lucky to find something the first day of our search. 
I went to pick it up. Bought it from an elderly lady whom you could see was slowly selling off all her treasures. Her husband is fighting cancer, you add it up. I HATE HATE HATE Cancer! I personally lost my father less than two years ago to that nasty disease :( 

 This is what I started with. It was in fantastic shape with lighting. I don't think there was a scratch on it! And personally I love the colour of this wood.
But it's not mine...and really, what fun would there by in buying a piece and NOT redoing it? ;) 
She (my client) wanted it white and distressed. Which really made a lot of sense considering what she was going to use it for. 
I tried very hard to send her updated pictures at the end of each phase. As those of you who follow me know me, I really suck at before and during pics. (and lets be honest, sometimes that's a good ) 
 I removed the doors and painted two layers of white primer followed by three coats of white paint. I wanted this to last!

 I felt a bit like this was a bit of "assembly" line work with all six doors. Ever feel like that when doing doors and drawers? I do. But it's the best way to go. 
I moved out the buffet part and sent along pictures. 

 I have to be honest..without the doors I really didn't like Once the doors were on I was able to sit back and think...yup, this is going to work out just fine :) 
 Almost finished. Originally the middle door didn't open up, so I "fixed" that problem.

 I took the knobs off, painted them white then added a faux finish, do you think they fit?

 Love the hidden drawer, so very handy! 

So here she is all done. 

 And finally......her new home. 
Didn't Catherine do a fantastic job. She painted her room this perfect light blue and found an awesome chandelier to set the whole mood! Good job Catherine. 
 If you are interested in seeing her beautiful jewelery check out her web site or look for her in Vogue magazine. Not sure what month she will be in there (information will come later) 


  1. Thank you SO much! You are one talented lady!!!! :D

  2. Very nicely done, love how it looked in the new room. Great job!

  3. Hi: You did a fabulous job! I always love finding fellow Canadian Bloggers. I'm your newest follower and I hope you'll come visit me too!

    1. Lisa, I just noticed that you're also Canadian. I get very excited too when I can find Canadians. I'm on my way now to check you out :)

  4. Beautiful work. I too have a great buffet and hutch that I'm going to start working on as soon as I get the "get up and go"! Also, I'm very excited to learn that you are also a Canadian and I see a post above me that is too. I haven't been able to find many Canadians. The American bloggers seem to get so many more great deals than we get (at least where I am), so it'll be interesting to follow some Canadians to see what they come up with and were they shop.

  5. I adore this hutch-love fancy looking furniture painted white for a more casual feel-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  6. Your hutch turned out fab! Thanx for coming to Treasure Hunt Thursday! I liked on your think though and it says the page no longer exists.

  7. Nice looking hutch and ceiling beams in that room, nice job!