Friday 18 May 2012

Blue Sideboard!

Oh wow. 
It just seems so long since I've had a moment to blog about anything. What a busy week. Some weeks are like that. 
I have gotten a few things out the door, and a few things done and a LOT of things on the go. 
My "big" project this week was a sideboard. 
I did my normal yard sale drive last week and came across an antique table. 
The woman at the yard sale said it came with six chair but they were still inside. So off I went to look at them. I really wasn't interested.
But I loved the table, we made a deal for it and she told me she had something else I might be interested in. So we went to look. 
This is what she offered me. 
Well you knew I couldn't just leave it there. It was in really good shape and solid? WOW, I can not remember the last time I didn't have to do a bit of repair on one of these. 
So it came home with me. :) 
(funny moment came when we were almost to my truck to start loading it, and the husband decided to look inside, it was still FULL, I almost came home with a bunch of keys, light bulbs, kids projects and a portable DVD
So home it came, and I got to work on it right away. 
What a pleasure it was to just work on something without having to "fix" it. 
I didn't have to use a primer because I planned on using chalk paint, but I did anyway. I wanted to have the white of a primer show through. 
 I love how she turned out.
 I couldn't believe how wonderful and dark the top was. In the sun it does look a lot lighter.
Check out all those details. 
 I painted the insides with a light grey
 And left the drawers natural. Those bottoms are not little slabs of thin wood..they are the real deal and HEAVY!
 Very cute skirting on the front. (with a secret)
 See?? pretty cool eh?
 And of course...holding it all up are these amazing legs and all that wonderful yummy carvings.

Only one side has a shelf. but that's ok. 
I love all of it. 
Now I'm off to start a few and finish a few. 


  1. beautiful! the wood top is stunning and the blue is beautiful!

  2. What a stunning piece. You did a great job. Love that color.

    1. It was begging for that colour, my pieces talk to me (I know, I'm ) Thank you :)

  3. And since blue is my favorite color - I'm totally loving this!

    1. I love it too...but I love almost all colours! Thanks :)

  4. Love this piece. The wood top looks amazing with the blue.

  5. Wow, you just jumped right in and made a masterpiece. Sweet! I enjoyed the before and after. Found you at Miss Mustard Seed!

  6. o my gosh i just got finished with one almost EXactly like this ~ i can't wait to show you the pictures! I just LOVE that blue don't you??!! Your Server turned out fabulous!!!

  7. I am so loving this piece! Great paint job. I love the dark top. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

    1. Thank you for hosting and stopping by :)

  8. Beautiful transformation on your buffet! Love it!

  9. This is truly waht I call pretty. DO you always paint the insides? I don't if it is in good shape but not sure how finished it looks.