Tuesday 8 May 2012

I have some wonderful friends. Really I do. Everyone knows what I do, and they are all very supportive. So many of my friends keep their eyes open for me and rescue things they think I can work with. 
Last week one of my "online" friends contacted me and told me she rescued some things if I was interested. So off I went with my daughter, and came home with this. 

Pretty plain eh? 
But the lines were good and I love bringing stuff like this back to life. :) 
So I sanded all that shiny stuff off , spray painted the handles and breathed a bit of colour onto it. 
And this is what I came away with. 
 I was working out in the garage...and it was raining. I couldn't take it outside for some lovely pictures. I seriously need camera lessons. The colour is so not right on this. :(
 The colour is a light blue...very light. But it does have a bit of an aqua tint to it.

So do you like? I love it. Husband...not so much. He's getting stuck on teals and greens. oh boy, I think I may have created a monster...lol 

The Shabby Creek Cottage 

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