Wednesday 9 May 2012

Happy day. 
The sun has been shining a lot this week and I've been getting a lot of projects done and out the door. 
I've been working on an antique table on and off for a couple of  weeks between projects and finally managed to get it finished, and just in time too. 
Remember the dresser my online friend found for me? You can read about it HERE
I had so many responses when I posted it and in only two days it found it's new home. BUT when she and her fiance came for the dresser, they saw the table and fell in love with it. Literally I had just finished putting the legs back on it. It was still upside down when they first saw it. So basically they fell in love with the legs (amazing legs if I do say so 
The fiance helped me turn it over. They oooohhhh and ahhhh'ed over it and left.
I am NOT a pushy seller. I really believe that some pieces are meant for some people and my job is simply to bring the two together. 
I don't have any before pictures, so I will just share my afters. 
 I found her on kijiji, and so glad I did. She was a bit beat up, but oh my, how unique is she?
 As you all know I'm just a sucker for unique and beautiful legs! and this girls certainly can fill both of those descriptions.
 I'm not totally sure, but someone told me this was Walnut. Whatever it is, it is solid wood and ohhhh so pretty.

Another view of those amazing legs :) 
Ohhh to finish the story. I took these pics and posted them on kijiji. The person who bought it saw that I had posted and begged me to take the ad down as she couldn't stop thinking about the table and they wanted it badly. 
I had a feeling she would want it..I saw how her eyes lit up the min she laid eyes on it. LUV at first sight...even if it was upside down at the time...LOL 

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  1. I LOVE that table! Oh the legs, so elegant and beautiful! I've always had a thing for legs too :)

    1. ohhhh so you understand my leg obsession. lol Thank you :)

  2. Its beautiful I love the detail in the legs!

    1. See...I'm not totally crazy...only a little bit, :) Thank you :)

  3. I don't think I 'd be able to sell this. Coveting...even though I know I am not supposed to!

    1. Sadly my house isn't big enough for everything I bring home. sigh. I covet too, but I justify it by saying I enjoy looking :) Thank you so much for stopping by :)