Sunday 24 February 2013

I am not a hoarder

I am not a hoarder.
Ok, maybe when it comes to furniture and tins I am....just a bit. 
I Love tins and I love furniture and clocks and.....well maybe just a little bit I'm very picky about what I like to collect. 
I see some amazing things on different blogs I love. 
And I so wish I could be more...eclectic. 
My hope and dream is to do more with our home away from home...our cottage. 

So this year I'm going to be blogging about my cottage transformation. 
And I'm going to do it on next to nothing! 
So come along for the ride :) 

This is the back as we bought it 3 years ago, already it is changed, more open. 

 And this is the front...again, more open. But more to come.
 These inside pics were of the cottage when we bought it..again there have been some changes...but a lot more to come.

Hope you join me...I can't wait :) 

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