Tuesday 19 March 2013

Almost there...time to open the cottage!

Winter is just about over. 
Tomorrow is the first day of spring and there is no one who is more excited than I am! 

I'm not a winter person. I'm really REALLY not a winter person. 
I don't mind that others love it, that they love snow boarding and cross country skiing etc. It's just not me. 
I love spring and summer. I love being outside and not freezing my behind off. 
I love the smells and sounds of the outdoors in the summer. I love listening to the waves hit the beach
I love my cottage. 

This year is going to see a lot of changes to the cottage. 
I'm excited! 
I'm getting ready. 

This past weekend I picked up an old lamp. Basic brass but I loved the shape. After applying primer I realized that again I forgot to take before pics. 
But I do have after pics... :) 
 I may switch out the shade...but I love everything else about this. I primed it and then painted it with a grey/green colour. (oops paint I love you)
 Then I glazed it all with a black to bring out the details
The same day I picked this up...Our local restore had a 50% off day and I snagged a couple of things I've been looking for for years. 
This glass sink bowl for .......ready for this? 
$25!!! What a steal! 
And the tap set was only $20! 
So far I've spent $45 for our bathroom redo. I'm hoping to spend less than $150 for our new bathroom.  
Know what it's sitting on? 
My new to me vanity!
 I picked this up at an estate sale the same day $40! 
Isn't it perfect? All bow curved at the front and the size is exactly right! 
So that's a total of $85 now. 
And then yesterday I picked up the colour I want to paint it...oops paint I love you. $9
We are up to $94
Still well under the $150 mark. 
Now to buy the proper things for install. 
We should be good to go. 
Can't wait to take proper before and after shots for you. 

So what do you think? I'm getting good at this waiting till things fall in my lap, even if it seems to take forever for that to happen. 
We open the cottage this weekend. I can't wait to get started! 
Have a fantastic Tuesday! 

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