Thursday 21 March 2013

Workshop sink

Good morning!

I'm just a bit excited this morning. 
I have a new sink in my house! 

It really is the little things in life that mean the world to me. You know like that late night phone call from one of the kids just because they were thinking of me. That morning kiss as my husband walks out the door to work. 
But a sink? 

I'm nuts :) 
You see we've been in our home now for just about 6 years. We had a plan to have a sink installed in my workshop so when designing the house we had the "rough in" for that put in. Never did I think it would take this long to get it done. 

In my defense I'm busy. I just never found the time. I know I know, lame excuse. BUT I'm so happy now I had to share. 
And it only cost me a "barter" :) 
I picked up the old cabinet 5 years ago and stripped it down and stained it.
3 years ago I cut the hole and put the wood on..and my hubby made me this amazing sink 
2 years ago I tiled it with slate. (free from a friend) 
And now...I have it hooked up. 
And all I had to do was paint a couple of pieces for a friend. 
Remember this? 
 And this?

I did these and her husband who is a plumber installed my sink..and did some more work in my basement bathroom in prep for getting that project done. 
Great trade I would say! 
Now for some trim!

Happy Thursday for me...and I hope for her as she gets to set up her dining and living room with her refinished furniture. 


  1. Great sink. Love the tile.

  2. Your workshop sink looks great! You’re lucky to have a husband for a plumber. You can be confident that he could fix your house should anything go wrong. I think it’s safe to say that he took all precautions when installing your pipelines. And in doing so, leaks wouldn’t be a problem for you. I’ve had a damaged pipe before and my plumber told me that it was due to change in temperature inside the pipe. He did all the work and I sat there like a schoolboy trying to absorb all the information. Thanks for sharing!

    Darryl Iorio