Saturday 9 March 2013

From ewww to ahhhhh

I love the internet. 
No seriously. I know there are people out there that think it's wonderful but there are just as many out there that think it's awful. 
Personally it's been a wonderful tool for me, but on top of the information and helpful hints it's given me it's also given me some wonderful friends. (not to mention I met my husband online..almost 12 years ago, but that's another story) 

One person I met through my facebook page (sweet sweet woman) keeps "sharing" my projects on her own facebook page. As a result a friend of hers called her and offered her some furniture that she deemed fit for the garbage and not good enough to even give to Goodwill. 

You see where this is going I'm sure :) 
I received a panicked call from my friend, "please, can we just drop it off at your place for you to redo" YUP!
I had no idea what I was in 
 I thought I better snap so "before" pictures as they were dumped in my front hall way.
 The set included this long Dresser, two matching bedside tables, a mirror and a king sized headboard.
 All that yellow stuff is nicotine stains. The husband thought it was the colour of the paint that was once used till I pulled out a bottle of spray cleaner....can we say ewwwwwwwwwww!
 Since I had just finished another dresser and a couple of chairs it wasn't much to move them all out of my workshop and put most of this set in. I got to work right away!
 I stripped and sanded it. There was NOTHING wrong with it! It's solid wood with some veneer over the top, no chips, no cracks. A real pleasure to work with :)

Now I'm not totally done. I do have the dresser and the end tables complete, the headboard and the mirror still needs to be worked on, but my workshop is only so big. 
And here she is! 
 Ok...go look back at the befores, I'll wait :)
 Isn't she lovely?

 I know I'm the one that worked on this, but I still can't believe how wonderfully they all turned out :)
 Ignore the dust please, I did polish them, but forgot to clean my own fingers before moving them and grabbing the camera.

 I can't wait for my friend to see them in person, and I can't wait for her husband to see them...oh and the person who thought they weren't good enough for Goodwill. Another sweetheart of a woman who allowed me to go and grab some more things from the house she was emptying...but that's another blog..or two or three :) Lets just say I have my basement full of projects now :) 


  1. Oh wow. What a cleanup job! Well done!

    Isn't it so satisfying when you can transform furniture to that extreme?


    1. I love bringing it all back to life for a new family to enjoy :) Thanks for the kind words :)

  2. Wow!!! I knew you could make it into something beautiful!!Looking forward to seeing the other projects finished :)


    1. No Trish...thank you!!!! Can't wait to get to work!

  3. That is awesome!!! I can't believe it is the same set! You did a fantastic job! Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend :)

  4. what a wonderful job you did on that dresser, it looks so great with out the veneer, so hard to find affordable solid wood furniture and these are great pieces and so useable...I am a new follower of your blog and I will be back again to check and see what you are up to...Come on over for a visit if you get a chance ...

  5. I have the same kind of furniture that I would like to redo. What products did you use to remove the top in order to stain it? Do you think the original paint has lead in it?
    You did a fabulous job! Looks great.

  6. I used a gel stipper that you can find at lowes. Any brand will do. I always wear masks when doing the stripping and sanding, so even if there is lead in the paint I am protected.
    thank you :)

  7. Great paint makeover! I'm featuring your goodies in the PoPP Spotlight this week.