Friday 9 May 2014

Chili Pepper HOT

Once we redo the bedroom at the cottage I will have to show you pictures of how we lived in it for the last few years. 
For now, just picture us, a bed, a bench, two night stands a long dresser and two dogs! 
Nuff said right? 

I know some of you have your pets sleep with you, but trust me I am a light sleeper and I would be up all night every night if I did that. 
So the dogs sleep in the closet. Sounds strange right? When you see the set up, you will realize it's the most practical place for them (and not inhumane at all) 

Now the closet is large, but with a long dresser in there and two dogs...something had to give. 
Can't kick the dogs the long dresser had to go! 

But what to replace it with? 

Waterfall dresser of course. 
And of before pics. 
In all it's chili sweetness.........she is here! 

 Now there was a yard sale a few weeks back and I bought a few boxes of supplies..some poly, and wood fill etc. In the bottom of one of the boxes was a pile of knobs.
 These knobs were in there...All the same, but in three different sizes. How cool is that?

 Lots of glazing..poly to seal it all

Just perfect for our cottage.....
And there will be room for the dogs! 

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