Tuesday 8 July 2014

A work in Progress. (the dirty side of what I do)

I love before and after pictures of all kinds of things. 
I ohhh and ahhhh along with everyone else when things are fixed or recreated. 
I love seeing what others do. 
But unlike a lot of people, I can appreciate what goes into getting that final product. The pride the people feel when a job is complete (that or simply grateful it was done and no one died in the process) 

I thought I would share one of the pieces I'm working on right now. 
I probably paid way to much considering the condition of this dresser. 
 Don't you love the shape? It's really hard to see on the pic above but the top was bowed up. Like REALLY bowed up, probably by almost a quarter inch. It was BAD!!
 But I love it..and felt that it was worth it. (still at the crossing fingers stage here

 I wasn't to worried about these deep gouges because I planned on planing it down.
So the work began. 
I brought out my trusty hand planer and got to work. Can you see how much I'm cutting away? I have no idea if this is the right method, but I crossed my fingers and dug in (see my pun there?) 

It worked! 

Warning. Planers created a HUGE mess. That pile is just about 5 inches deep. The pile actually looks pretty small in the pic. You know it's big when Hubby walks in the door after work and marvels at how much of a mess I made (he was proud of me...lol) 
 These are AFTER the planer and for the most part, after I used a belt sander to get rid of the worst of the ridges.
 See how rough the top is?
 Then starting the work with 150 grit sandpaper.

Not perfect yet, but it's getting there, and I believe I can save the top enough to do stain. 

Thankfully not everything I bring home requires this much work. 

So there you are. Some of the mess I create for myself. 
Crossing my fingers that I will have a finished product to show next week. :) 

Savvy Southern Style
Miss Mustard Seed 

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