Thursday 3 July 2014

Precious yard sale find

I'm a real fan of history. 
I soak it up. 
I think that anyone who does what I do, has to love history.

Last weekend I went to a yard sale where I picked up some precious pieces of history. I just wanted to share with you. 

First this suitcase. 
Just looks like an old suitcase right?
Check a little closer.
This one has done some serious traveling. 
There are other stickers on it that confirm it has traveled through Europe pre-WW1. How cool is that. And to top it's made of wood with a canvas covering on it. I love it! I want to clean it up without ruining the sticker. 

At the same yard sale I found this baby bath. 
 This one is roughly from 1900. Some of the decals are still showing.
 Adorable teddy bear and elephant.
 It's actually in GREAT shape for it's age and the use it must have gone through.

 Both handles are still firmly attached. and NO HOLES! It still holds water :)

Stuff like this makes me wonder about the people that used them. The babies that were bathes and people that traveled. 
I do know that the people that sold it to me were immigrants from the the chances of these items coming from Europe are pretty good. 
I can so see these being used in some photography studio as props. 
But till I sell them, I will proudly display them in my home. :) 

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  1. WOW- great finds, indeed!

    Well done.

  2. The baby's bath is an amazing find - especially in such great condition. And who doesn't love a great suitcase.

  3. amazing finds!!!


  4. Great finds, thanks for sharing. One of the things I love about vintage things is the story/ history that comes with them.

  5. great finds. loved that baby bath. I can see so many uses for it.