Tuesday 9 September 2014

More Benches (from tables)

Tables make the best benches. 
So do dressers....but lets focus on tables today. 

My sister called and said she had a coffee table for me and sent me a couple of pictures.

 Great pics right?

Looked pretty disgusting right? But it looked like heaven to me. Yes I'm sick...lol 
I knew I could do something with it. 
I had no idea. 
The top was in two pieces, and it was held together by a few screws. 

So with hubby's help we ripped it apart, I dealt with the top and made it pretty again. Hubby took the bottom apart and put it back together again properly and re-enforced it. 

Now it's GREAT. 
Ohhh and it's no longer a table. 

 A bit of black chalk paint (diy) Some distressing, some amazing material.....and we have something that anyone would love to display in their home.

 Do you see the lovely curves on the top? Serious swooning going on here. 

At the same time I finally figured out what to do with another small(ish) coffee table I had sitting in my garage for MONTHS. 
Gave it the same treatment
I started with this. 
Cute right? 
I love it...but again it was just to small. I wanted desperately to keep it as a coffee table. But every time I tried picturing different colours or designs on it, it just didn't sit well with me. 
I was getting desperate. 
I wanted it to shine again.....then inspiration hit. 
Another bench. 
And it took no time at all. 
Ever get that? Once you have a picture in your brain of what it will look like, it's easy to get it put together. 
 I loved the flowered material of the first bench, but it didn't seem right for this one...then I saw it...this material and it seemed to fit so much better.
 Dark and faded lines were just perfect!  and the colour brings out the black paint, the distressing and the wonderful feet.

So two wonderful benches from tables that just didn't make sense anymore. 

I can't decide which I love more. Which would you choose? 


  1. Oh my, I love them. I absolutely love the curves on that first piece. Both look like antiques. You are really good.

    1. Thank you. Not sure if they are antique or simply vintage..but both are sweet :) Thanks for the compliments :)

  2. I love them both and would be proud to have either/both of them in my home if only I had a spot for them. Titia, I know I've said it before but you never fail to amaze me with your ideas and your work(wo)manship!

  3. Ha, another great project from the Wow Us Wednesday party. Love what you did with these two tables - such gorgeous benches. You're a talented gal Titia!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  4. I have an old coffee table I want to paint and make into a bench but everyone is telling me not to - that I will some day regret not having it as a coffee table again. But really, it would be so much more functional as benches! Maybe I just need to do it and not tell anyone till it's done - then they'll see it was a good idea. Yours turned out so well!

    I love to DIY these type of projects. Isn't it amazing what a little paint will do to an old piece?