Tuesday 9 September 2014

Some summer projects.

You know the saying...another day, another dollar.
For me it's more of another day another project.

I haven't been making my blog my priority this summer. But that doesn't mean I've been slacking.
So I thought I would just pile on the pics and show you just a few of the things I've completed.

This lovely waterfall dresser With so many wonderful details that just really make the piece.
The above pic shows how you can turn an old radio into something useful once again. And the bed below got a wonderful update.

This amazing dresser is now in a newly built home as a bathroom vanity.

Some tables and a bench. If I showed you all the things I've done this summer Your eyes would glaze over from the hundreds of pictures. There are a few that are super special to me and I will be blogging those over the next couple of weeks. Hope you had a wonderful Summer! Welcome Fall!

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