Tuesday 23 September 2014

Rustic Coffee table

Even if something isn't old it sometimes needs a makeover anyway. 

Case in point. 
This coffee table. 

Ignore the dog food. I just unloaded it in this pic an snapped the "before" with my cell phone. 
Anyone else like that? Grab the phone take a pic before you forget. 

So most of my before pics are not so great...and that's an understatement..lol

Seriously if it wasn't for my phone I would have less than half the pics I do. It's my life saver. :) 

As soon as I posted this pic I had several interested people. First come first served right? So the new owners and I talked about their vision for this piece. Then they left it up to me completely to do it over for them. 
I am always blown away by the trust people put in me and I can't tell you how humbled I am. Seriously! 
So I got to work. 
And of course have after pics (which are wayyyyyyyy better than the before ones) 

 I was totally terrified that the top was so damaged I wouldn't be able to strip it down and re stain it.
 But it's made of layers of wood. I don't think I've seen it done this way before.
 And because the drawers are pull out from either side, the front and back of the table look exactly the same.

 Handles are the same ones...but I painted them black...a much better look for this rustic table.

And what rustic table is complete without a cannon? 
Found that in South Carolina...wood an brass and very very old! I bought it to sell in my booth, but Hubby somehow managed to snag it and, well I guess we are keeping it. I am beginning to think he's more addicted to history than I am! ;) 

Off to the next project. Have a great week :) 

Elizabeth & Co.
Savvy Southern Style 
Miss Mustard Seed 


  1. That is just beautiful. Love the wood and paint together. Great job! Pinning this one!

  2. Rustic Coffee table were very nice, very classic I like this;)