Monday 19 March 2012

Sneak peek of a big project.

It's been a very busy day here today. I've been doing a ton of running around. My son is getting married this September..and since I'm the mother of the groom, I'm not doing a lot of the planning of the wedding. 
Sooooo I am doing what I can to help make their house their home! 
That includes renovations! 
And since I've done a LOT of that. Surprise talents extend well beyond redoing furniture. 
We have been picking out tile for the basement bathroom and the kitchen. We aren't ripping the kitchen out..we are redoing it :) 

 I walked into the restore today and found these! Aren't they amazing? 
So called my son and his fiance and we figured out what we needed of what to do the counters and backsplash. 
Then because this was such a good husband and I figured out how much we would need to do the bathrooms at the cottage. 
oh YES, we are all very happy now. 
Ohhh but the work ahead of us. 
So now all the planning has begun in earnest. 
And I picked up lights today as well for the upstairs bathroom at the cottage. 
So my day did not include any "real" work for me. 
But I can share a couple of pics of one of my bigger projects I mentioned yesterday. 
This wonderful antique table. 
 This is an antique solid oak table that had seen better days.
 Upside down legs..stripped down to bare wood. Top was done as well.
 Pretty isn't it?
 I of course stained it dark walnut.
 Then painted the legs and skirting.
 For some reason two of the wheels were missing. Thankfully I have more in my "stash"
 I absolutely love how the paint brings out the details!
 Don't you just love how a dark stain brings the wood to life? I know I do :)

 I've gotten the legs back on, but since my "stash" is at home, not the cottage..the wheels will have to wait till next weekend. Along with a final coat of varnish. Then I get to move onto the chairs...all 6 matching chairs. 
I'm so excited to see this one done. Makes me wish I had a few more kitchens of my own to put this in. 
So do you like? I know I do. :) 
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!  

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  1. You do have some work ahead don't ya! Love the table. Love the painted legs. Love it love it love it!


    1. Aww thank you Holly. I finally moved this to the head of the line in my "to do" list :)

  2. I recently redid a table a little like that, it looked wonderful with the dark walnut top and the legs and apron in white. This will be lovely!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I've always loved the wood and white combo. Make sure you post photo's of the kitchen and bathrooms.

  4. I always like the wood top with white legs. You did a great job. Thanks for linking up to Terrific Tuesdays.