Sunday 4 March 2012

Things I love!

I can't believe it's Sunday already. 
I've been working on a few things, but they aren't quite ready to show off just yet. So I thought I would share a couple of little things I've done, or am working on. 
I was passing by a local GW the other day and thought I would stop in there. 
I found a couple of little things there that I could turn into something wonderful. 
 First I found this sweet candle holder. Its hand made by someone named John Rose. I love the shape and the colour, but it isn't exactly what I had in mind for my project.

 This hurricane glass is HUGE. 13 inches tall and very heavy. Hmmm I can't wait to get to work on that :)
 And who doesn't love candles? It's one of my addictions (of which I have to many)
Sea salt is the scent. mmmm just so fresh, I love it. 
I was also given three mirrors. They were black, and as always I forgot to take before pictures. 
I did however take after pics. of my new fav colours. :) 
They turned out perfect. 
I'm going to add them to my office when I'm done. 
What do you think? 

 Aren't they cute?
I have a couple of other things to show off, but will add them once I am done coffee. (integral part of my life you ) 

Have coffee and pics :) 
 Aren't these the cutest? Painted one that wonderful teal...but decided that I couldn't have EVERYTHING in that colour. So the other one got an amazing blue makeover.

 Then in the process of all my little buys I was given this utterly cute bag at GW to carry my treasures home. 

I have never seen a rice bag with handles and a zipper. This is a keeper for sure. I was almost just as excited to bring this home as I was the treasures inside. (I know, I'm losing it) Gotta love GW at times :) 

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  1. I made small xmas stockings and a pillow out of a rice bag a few months ago - they are so cool! Great treasures you found!

    1. I was thinking of the pillow..but I think my husband is going to steal this and keep it in his truck for when he "finds small stuff" He's really starting to enable me in my

  2. John Rose is an excellent clay artist from the town of Palmerston! I thought you might enjoy knowing that :)

  3. I love the mirrors! And the rice bag is a cute idea! Thanks for linking up to the thrifty finds blog party!! :)