Thursday 5 April 2012

I just love Art Deco

Two weeks ago I came across a yard sale. Of course I slowed down and then pulled over. I had time. :) 
I get out and I notice a wonderful beat up old hutch. 
 Isn't she pretty?
 Ok, ok ok...maybe not in this shape. 
Right now I bet you are thinking how lucky you are to NOT have been in my truck on the drive home..the smell...ohhh you can not imagine the smell of this thing.
I had to drive the whole way home with all the windows open, it was THAT BAD!!
 These used to be where the glass was. They were beyond repair.

 See the mangled mess on top of this hutch? Yeah...those pieces of wood. That used to be one of the doors. No worries..can be fixed :)
 What a mess...oh my. But when my husband got home (bless his heart) He took one look at it and said "that is so cool, I actually really like this" Yuppers people, he's a keeper!!
I let it air out for 24 hours. Trust me that didn't help the smell at all! 
So out came the bleach...and lots of it. Soap and bleach, let it dry, then every square inch of this baby was coated twice in primer. 
I then let it sit for another 24 hours just to make sure nothing came through. 
We fixed, wiggled planed and sanded the doors and drawers till everything fit and slid smoothly. 
Painted..painted again..distressed and sealed it.
We stood back, and looked at what we created. (ok, it was mostly me, but I have to give credit to him since he did work on the doors) 
This is what we came away with. 
 I forgot to turn the flash on, so this first one looks a bit faded, it's not. Honestly I wouldn't's bright and beautiful!
 I just love the contrast between the dark and the light.
 A bit of distressing on the corners etc. You know...the places that would be rubbed a lot.
 That top drawer came with all the wonderful dividers. Perfect for an old kitchen.
 Of course the inside needed a bit of distressing as well....right? Right? Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this.
So light and airy. I love light interiors.
 Where there was once there is chicken wire. I've always wanted to try this out.
 Of course I had to paint the bottom drawer as well :)

 After posting this on my facebook page a friend of mine told me she has the exact same hutch at her house..and was kind enough to share a picture with me. 
 I love them both for different reasons. See what a bit of paint can do to totally change the look and the feel of a piece? Amazing isn't it? 
Thank you Brenda for sharing with me :) 


  1. WOW! Great job!! I love the way it turned out!!

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  2. yep, paint gives so much new life!

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  3. That piece turned out fab as well!:)