Sunday 15 April 2012

To paint or not??

I don't know about you, but I love wood. I love antiques and I love paint. 
So often when I redo a piece of antique furniture my heart and mind struggle with either bringing it back to it's natural wood beauty (normally dark) or painting it to bring out a lot of lovely details. 

 See what I started out with? 
Solid, in great shape...but obviously it needed to be redone. 
So what do I do? 
I nab my daughter of course! 
 She was home from college for the weekend..and wanted to spend time with me :) 
Course she would rather you think she looks like this all the time
 Personally I don't see a difference ;) 
Ohhh back to the dresser. 
And my issues with paint/stain, natural or not. 
Well I came up with something that allowed both sides of my brain to win. I just hope the dresser and the person who will eventually bring it home to think the same thing. 
 So what do you think?
 The top and drawers were sanded down, and stained with a dark ebony stain. I tried the dark walnut (as per normal) and just found it way to light on this maple piece.
 The body was sanded down and stained as well, and then I changed my mind. Hauled out my oops paints and tried picturing each colour on it.
 I ended up picking a colour that is called "cabbage patch" Although I think it looks more like a really really light "robins egg" colour to me. 
 I then decided that the original pulls no longer I switched them out for these. They are just more...more...dainty?
 I really wanted to distress the bejeebies out of this...but something stopped me, and I'm so glad I listened. Its just enough now :)

 I always feel like I scored when something I buy has it's original wood casters on it. It screams to me "survivor" 

 I love when the locking mechanisms are all there...and it's always a bonus when they this one does :)

 So now it's ready for it's new home. 
I'm so pleased. 
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  1. Charming the paint color. Thank you for sharing it with us at NTT.


  2. Your choices were great imo. The dresser looks wonderful. I love the castors and the color of paint, too.

  3. I don't think you're going to have any trouble finding a home for this beauty! I love the mix and the robin's egg blue is so pretty! Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share!

  4. It looks great. I'm a big fan of the paint/stain combo.