Thursday 5 April 2012

Pretty in Purple!

So for those of you who do not follow my facebook...
I came home last weekend to a message on my phone from the place where my booth is. They informed me that my booth was completely empty. One person had come in and bought everything I had!
Can we say "PANIC"!!!
I am constantly trying to play catch up there, actually I am constantly trying to stay on top of things there and have extra things at home so I can sometimes take time to "relax"
Plus I do a lot of custom work, as well as some things I like to do just for me..hahahaha, ok, that last one never happens. But I can dream right??
So I have been crazy busy this week filling up my booth. 
I did take picture of my Blue Art Deco hutch and placed that in there. You can read about it HERE I didn't take picture of the vanity or chairs or other tables and dressers I put in..but I did remember to take pictures of my latest dresser turned bench.
Remember my Teal Bench? Read about it HERE
Well I loved it so much I decided to try it again, but in Purple :) 

  This was kind of a before pic? Work with me here. lol 
Really I thought I had some real before pics sitting on the computer, but I can't seem to locate them:(
This was taken after I had taken it apart and cut the top to fit on top of the bottom drawer. This one only had one drawer. 
Well when I got it, it only had one drawer left out of what I imagine were three. 
 I decided to not add a new backing, but to work with what was there. I thought it would give it a bit of a different look, more original.
However I couldn't stop myself from adding some trim. I don't know, it's just in me to add stuff :) 
Ok ok, enough of the workings...on to the "after" pics. I'm sure you are like me and LOVE the after pics. 
 So? Do you like?
 I love it!

 Again I made sure the back was done, I used my home made chalk paint and glazed it before sealing it.

 I took some knobs from my stash and sprayed them with a metallic grey paint...I think they compliment this piece perfectly.

 Of course I had to distress it, after all it is well over a hundred years old...right? :)

The sun was shining so wonderfully yesterday when I took these pics, I just had to be out there with my camera and my bench. 
Now I'm at the cottage, and my booth is full. Can't wait to spend some time with family. 


  1. Love it. Have you thought to maybe add a cussion to make it a little more cumfy to sit on?

    1. I have, but I am really bad at getting that sewing machine out! lol

  2. That is a great make over! Thanx for coming to THT!

  3. Love this idea and I am just waiting to find a dresser I can maim! Just pinned this!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that it looks great in white.