Monday 23 April 2012

Photo Shoot

We here in Ontario are hitting a cold spell. 
After some amazing weather over the last while, it turned cccccold! 
Yesterday we were involved in a photo shoot :) 
I'm so pleased and honored to be asked to show off some of my furniture. 
 Obviously these are not the "professional" pics, These were taken by my daughter.

 We had so much fun, but by the end...we were frozen. I can't imagine what our model felt like. All the outfits were paper thin! 

We didn't just take pics here. My daughter was amazing and found lots of things to take pics of on the way there and on the way back. 
 I believe this is an old road scraper. It sits beside a gas station. I LOVE it!

 Daughter did quite a few barn pics, I think she knows where her mothers heart is :)

 And Old houses..If this wasn't so much to keep clean, I would love to live here.
 Self portrait of my you hun :)
 Waiting for this portion of the photo shoot. Brrrr it was cold!
 I swear this place we did the shoot at could have been on Canadian pickers...or for you Americans..American pickers. So much stuff in the out buildings along with this amazing Ferris Wheel.
 I have no idea how long this has been sitting outside, but the colours really amaze me in how clear they are, and it really inspires me :)

 This was in one of the out buildings. I think they used to do family rides (or so one of the signs said).
 Some of the props. Suitcase and stool are mine. The license was sitting there. Strange since this is Ontario.

 I grabbed the camera for some fun pics of Daughter. This one was approved for the

We finally got home after dark, but we did stop to take a pic of this amazing sunset :) 
Perfect ending to a perfect day :)
How To For Less 


  1. Great photos! What a wonderful Ferris wheel, the colors are so vivid!
    Have a good day!

  2. Beautiful photos!!!
    It looked like a fun day!
    Here in the West Coast same thing.. is there such a thing as a "Spring Dance"??? We need to call Spring over here... I could not paint outside yet...