Friday, 9 November 2012

"MY" JUNK Store!

If you "like" me on Facebook you will notice I often mention my "junk" store. 
People are constantly asking me what the name of this store is, and really it has no name. Oh, for tax reasons I'm sure it does. But there is nothing there that has a name on it. I didn't take a picture of the front of the store. 
On the side of the road they switch out their signs. Some days it says "garage sale" with an arrow pointing. Other days they put out a sign that says "Estate sale" 
Either way, it's an amazing warehouse filled with great finds and a few rooms of hidden treasures...that and a pile of stuff that can aptly be described as pure JUNK. 

So you have to know this kind of store is heaven to me. :) 

 I could discribe exactly where this picture was taken, but seriously, you wouldn't know the front from the back of which I will simply say that my friend and partner in crime Jo took these pics. It was her first time there and I'm not sure she was able to snap her jaws shut the whole time we were
 I'm telling you, she made this place look way more organized that it actually is. Some rows allow you to walk smoothly down..while others barely give you space enough to shuffle sideways.
 They do kinda have things two of the rooms...dressers, mixed with desks and beds in one room..dining things in another..mix in another...and disaster in a couple more rooms. disaster!! This is one of the two rooms where there is hardly room to place one foot in front of the other. Beware...this is only for the brave of heart!
 See me reaching? I'm grabbing part of a table...I brought it home. I'm so excited to begin a project with that table part. :)
 See how little room there is to walk? That's me in the brown coat.

Thank you for visiting with me. If you are ever in Southern Ontario, give me a shout, I just may be tempted to join you shopping here :) 

Ohhhh Just so you know. We (there were three of us snooping around here today) managed to nab two antique dresser, a hutch, a part table, two bedside tables, a headboard, and some mirrors along with some frames. Two truck loads full. I still can't believe we fit everything in!