Monday 12 November 2012

Weekend projects

I'm really sorry, I just got so carried away that I didn't take official "before" pictures. 

Just a couple of projects I managed to do over the weekend and I wanted to share with you all today. 
First one is a dresser I picked up. 

I wanted to do something totally different. This one came from a local Re Store. It was already painted white and in really good condition. So I left the base white. It went really well with what I was planning on doing with it. 
After cleaning it up I started with researching how to do this correctly. I just love the internet for this sort of thing. 
Then measuring everything out I marked and taped it off. 
 See what great shape this was in?
 A closer look at my taping.
 After the first coat of paint. I'm sure you are getting the idea of what I'm doing.
I loved the fresh crispness of this design. But I wasn't finished. I wanted it to look like a worn out out came my sandpaper. 
 I always thought the red stripes that were off to the side were centered. But I was wrong. My brain is constantly wanting everything to be symmetrical. So doing it correctly was really hard for me.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the distressing and how it ages a piece. To me it just adds the right amount of depth.

 After taking these pics I realized I didn't have ones with the drawers put back here it is, without the handles. The handles that came with it were aweful and didn't go with this piece at all. So this morning I'm heading to my knob store and picking something far more suited to it.

I did a bit of distressing to the rest of the piece before sealing it all. I love the way it turned out :) 

Then finished up something started on Friday. I picked up these bedside tables at my junk store on Friday. You can read about my junk store HERE 

Again, I so suck at before pictures. But I did get the after pictures. Do I get points for that? :) 

 This set is not for sale though as it is a custom order. A client has two daughters and each daughter will get one.

Aren't they just so cute? I hope the girls enjoy them. They picked the colour and are so excited to have them in their new home. :) 

Hope everyone has a great Monday! 


  1. Anything turquoise is perfect in my eyes!!! Love these! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Beautiful projects! Love the dresser and the bright happy side tables!