Thursday 9 January 2014

Final Kitchen Reveal!

I'm done

Well kinda done. 

Now I'm thinking I need something different. 
Like clearing off the counters and getting rid of all the clutter inside the cupboards. 
I'm working on that. 
The things that sit around for years and just collect dust..or in my case, just take up room. 

That is my goal for this year, get rid of all the things that just sit there. 

But for now I will reveal the rest of my kitchen. 

If you remember I started with this. 
 And this

We needed to lighten it up. 
You can read about it HERE and HERE

Lots of elbow grease, a few late nights and lots of coffee and support from my hubby. 
Thanks babe! 
The island came out so well and I wanted desperately to get the rest finished I worked extra hard and long. 
 Then the area above and around the stove. :)
I have fallen in love with this range hood all over again. 
 I then went to work on the area around the sink and the corner cabinet.

 Lightening up the kitchen and giving it depth at the same time.

 We even found this awesome light to replace the stupid ugly builders florescent light that has been sitting there since the day we moved in.

 LOVE...I can't tell you how happy we are with it.
Then the final step..the bar/fridge area. 
 This area sits off to the side and really did blend right into the wall. I wanted to change that.
 Yes I had a glass of wine when I was finally done :)

So now my kitchen complete

Well except for cleaning all the unused things out. 
That can wait though for another stormy day. 
Which we seem to be having a lot of this winter. 


  1. Wonderful look. I've enjoyed reading your posts as you finish each area. Big job, great outcome.

  2. gorgeous!

    the kitchen looked great before
    but now with all the customizing
    it looks amazing

    love what you've done with
    the creamy paint
    and so happy you shared at Fridays Unfolded!


  3. I love what you did to the cabinets and range hood. You really put your signature on the kitchen and it looks great. Visiting from Shabby Nest Frugal Friday.

  4. Hi Titia. New follower here. Your kitchen has so much character. I'd love it if you'd share it at my blog party Every Room In The House. It's a month-long party, and the month of January we're partying in The Kitchen. Here's the link:
    Your redo is so inspirational; I hope you'll share it with us. All the best ~ Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage.

  5. What a way to start the year! Are all of the works done by now? I’m not sure if I get it right; so you painted all the cabinets white to lighten the room? Or was it just some part? I would pretty much want to see the look of the whole kitchen after you little makeover project. Have a great day!
    Enis, Granite Busters Inc

  6. It’s been a year, Titia. I hope you've accomplished everything you wanted to change in your kitchen, and all other parts of your house, for that matter. It’s a great thing to begin a new year with precise goals in mind. How about now? Any renovation plans on the line this year?

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express

    1. Oh Arthur. We have so many plans! For this house I think the basement bathroom. It is the final room in this house that has not been finished. And it's a blank slate so we are starting from scratch. At the cottage we will be finishing the upstairs bathroom and then who knows. A bit more paint, the bedrooms need to be done...oh so many projects. Are you offering to help? :)