Tuesday 4 March 2014

The cutest Coffee table ever (I'm not kidding)

Miss Mustard Seed
When I first started out as a young adult on my own...I rented a small one bedroom furnished apartment. 
The furniture was a mis-mash of "stuff" I only lived there for a year before moving on to a house with my brand new husband. 
Back then money was VERY tight and I wish I had known I could paint furniture. Ohhh the things I could have done. 
My then husband (now ex) HATED yard sales and boy did I hear about it when I brought something home. 

Oh how life has changed...for the better :) 

Why am I telling you this? 
Well I picked up a table late last summer that reminded me of the early days of my adulthood. 

 I would have KILLED for a table like this. It would have been a perfect fit in our first home...our second, third, fourth.......you get the picture. This would have been a keeper for me for sure.
 It's solid wood and man does it have the "cute" factor. At least in my mind it does. 

 And who does not need a spot to hide the remotes or all those slips of paper that accumulate.
But it was missing something. 
It needed updating. 
And now that I know how..........
Well I couldn't resist. 
And since I'm absolutely loving the whole grey and red thing. What better colours to use?

Red and grey of course :) 
 I didn't change a thing about this table. It didn't need it. 
You know sometimes you just have to change things in order for them to work. This didn't need it.
 Yes I added paint, yes I glazed it...even the hardware was updated...but structurally it was superb!

And now its for sale. 
I no longer have that first apartment, or that first, second, third or fourth home ( I think we are on number 11 now...true story)

Going to go spend a bit of time visiting with my sister now. Maybe we will go junking :) 

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  1. Sorry for commenting twice, but...thanks so much for your comment on my little bog! I answered it...looks like we watch some very similar TV shows *lol*

    Happy "junking" with your Sister! :)

  2. Oh I do agree, this is gorgeous. I love the makeover and I love the curved lines. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love the curves and the pretty color combination!

  4. Love your color combo... you're right... super cute! I'm featuring it in this week's Power of Paint Party Spotlight.