Wednesday 21 December 2011

Pre Christmas rush, dresser and chairs.

Just a few more days till Christmas, and I have been one busy girl (like that's out of the norm ;) )
Later today I will share a few pictures of my home and the decorations I have. I seem to have acquired quite the "santa" collection over the years. 
Yesterday my wonderful daughter (who is home from college for a few weeks) and I went out to some thrift and second hand stores to look for an outfit for her (party). While she went in search of a top, I spent my time looking at all the wonderful santas that NEEDED a new home. Poor things were looking soooo lonely. What could I do but bring them with me. My daughter thinks I have some kind of mind illness, she calls me crazy. Can you believe that? A child calling her mom crazy? 
(you try to raise them right...right? lol )
Getting back to being Christmas and everything going crazy here. I have managed to finish a few things up. I can't wait to show you my bow front dresser. It turned out even better than I could have hoped for. 
I picked this up on Kijiji. Fell in love with the bow front on the drawers and knew it was begging to be brought back from the oh so boring brown that it had been. 
So brought it home, sanded it down, filled in all the nicks and scrapes  Loving that it has seen through the years. 
I'm so excited to be offering this for sale  :) 

I love the curves, the design and the original hardware!
This piece was made just after the second world war and is SOLID wood. Just the most perfect piece to compliment that open airy bedroom. 
So what do you think?