Thursday 28 November 2013

Sleighbells Ring, are you listening?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American family and friends. And to all who read my blog :) 

Christmas is just around the corner. 

And to get you in the mood I want to share just a couple of quick pictures of a sled I just finished off for a client. 

She will use this as a photo prop. 

Don't worry, I'm not the one taking pictures. lol 

my before picture
She just wanted it freshened up. 

So I did

All ready for her little ones to sit in while some one more talented with a camera captures the moment. 

So sweet...can't wait to see her pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving :) 

Saturday 23 November 2013

A truly Canadian project

I think Winter is really here now. 
The snow is blowing and the leaves have all fallen off the trees. 

My "workshop" which had been our garage has been moved down to the basement and the garage is now used for our vehicles again till spring time. 

Such is life in Canada. 

Today I spent the day celebrating Canada. 
Normally we do that on July 1st. 
Our Canada day. 

I've seen so many pieces of furniture covered in the Union Jack or the American flag, but it's not easy to get that Maple leaf on anything and make it look really nice. 

Lets face it, the Union Jack has a lot of straight lines, and the American flag has lines and stars. 
But the Canadian flag has a Maple leaf. 
That's not easy to paint. 

So I cheated...I bought a stencil :) :) 

And this is what I did. 

 I took a vintage ironing board and created my own version of our flag.
 Yes yes, I know. It's not really a flag. But I improvised.
 Then sanded it to make it more "weather worn"
 I left the steel parts their original colour.

I know the leaves have just finished falling, but I miss them already. I can't wait for spring again. 

The Brambleberry Cottage 
Coastal Charm 

Thursday 21 November 2013

All about Beds!

It's going to be a busy day here, but thought I would share a couple of goodies waiting for me to work on. 
Just a few before pictures of some beds I have waiting. 

First this solid Elm head board. 

I'm seriously considering making this one into a Bench...what do you think? 

Next in line is this sweet Twin sized bed, with all the goodies, rails and slats etc. 
I keep thinking that depending on the paint picked, it would be great for either a girl or a boy. 

 Not sure what the wood is, but it's solid and the bolts that go with this are all hand made, I really should do a bit of research on this baby.

I believe this is called a spool bed? 

Then finally a custom order, and probably one of the sweetest beds I've seen in a long time. 

Don't mind the condition and the's all part of the process right? 

Now to finish up my coffee and get to work.....going to be a great day :) 


Tuesday 19 November 2013

Sweetness in Red and White

I think I'm starting to get into the Christmas season. 
As evidenced by the tables I just put together yesterday. 

 I love these little tables. They can go into any room and fit right in
 Obviously they don't "match" but I'm not the matchy matchy kind of these are perfect for my minds eye.
 Love the shape and scale of them

Soooo very sweet! 

Just thought I would share :) 

Now I'm off to finish emptying the garage (put everything into the basement to work on) so our cars can come in for winter....brrrrrrrr it's getting cold out there. 

Domestically Speaking
Savvy Southern Style
Handy Man Crafty Woman
Elizabeth & Co   
Miss Mustard Seed 

Monday 18 November 2013

Weekend projects.

Ever try to relax?
I do try. 
Went to the cottage, my workshop is closed up there...but I had a couple of "small" things and some paint......hmmmm what to do? 

Just do them? 

Brought them into the cottage, got out some old newspaper, placed it on the floor and after a bit of sanding...came up with these

 Very cute coat rack!
 Yes I know, I forgot the before pics, but aren't these after pics cute?
Love it now! 

 I almost got a before pic ;)
 Awesome little library table
 I love these tables. Of course I'm a lover of books. And these are great for keeping your books handy.
 These details get me every time!
 Then I found this candy dish.
 It's all hand carved, and the details are amazing!

 I seriously considered painting this, but I just couldn't do it. It's even signed by the artist.

Friday 15 November 2013

Back online.

After a week+ of no internet I'm BACK!!

We have come to realize just how much we rely on our internet and it really does make me wonder how we ever did without it. 

But we are back online and I can't be happier. I hate working off my phone! 

Just sharing a couple of little projects I finished over this week. 
I have a couple amazing ones coming. 
Now to haul out that camera of mine to make sure I take lots of before pics. 

 This cute bedside table was done for the daughter of a friend of mine.
 I removed wood handles that totally did nothing for this unit and replaced those with cute pink glass knobs.
 For some reason I didn't take pics of the inside of the drawers which are now pink. :)
 Then this ubber cute table with storage. This one is being saved for my niece. She lives out west but will be coming for a visit next year. I'm so excited to see her and her growing family and so happy she will finally be taking home one of my pieces :)

 Then finished this awesome dresser turned couch table/entertainment unit.

 I removed the top three drawers and replaced them with a shelf that can hold baskets or DVD player and game consoles.
I also added feet to raise it up and give it just a bit more class. 

Now for a relaxing evening...well after a little antique mirror that is calling my name. 

Now crossing my fingers we never lose internet again...for those of you who have had to go without, I now can say I know your pain. 
Have a great Friday!