Friday 15 November 2013

Back online.

After a week+ of no internet I'm BACK!!

We have come to realize just how much we rely on our internet and it really does make me wonder how we ever did without it. 

But we are back online and I can't be happier. I hate working off my phone! 

Just sharing a couple of little projects I finished over this week. 
I have a couple amazing ones coming. 
Now to haul out that camera of mine to make sure I take lots of before pics. 

 This cute bedside table was done for the daughter of a friend of mine.
 I removed wood handles that totally did nothing for this unit and replaced those with cute pink glass knobs.
 For some reason I didn't take pics of the inside of the drawers which are now pink. :)
 Then this ubber cute table with storage. This one is being saved for my niece. She lives out west but will be coming for a visit next year. I'm so excited to see her and her growing family and so happy she will finally be taking home one of my pieces :)

 Then finished this awesome dresser turned couch table/entertainment unit.

 I removed the top three drawers and replaced them with a shelf that can hold baskets or DVD player and game consoles.
I also added feet to raise it up and give it just a bit more class. 

Now for a relaxing evening...well after a little antique mirror that is calling my name. 

Now crossing my fingers we never lose internet again...for those of you who have had to go without, I now can say I know your pain. 
Have a great Friday!

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