Thursday 26 June 2014

Love when things go right.

I haven't felt like blogging lately. Actually that's not quite true. I have felt like it, but I've been really lazy.
And you know how it goes. Once you put things off and tell yourself you will "do it tomorrow" and you keep saying that day after day, it just gets easier to be lazy.
Am I the only one that does this?
So I'm going to just jump right back in and show off something I'm really happy with.

I started with this.
See the units that kinda look like a filing cabinet? 
It's actually two ends of a vintage vanity. You know the kind...It probably looked something like this.
I think it originally had boxes on top like this because there were nail holes in the top that look like this was the case. 
I tried to save the top...but after filling the holes, stripping and sanding it down, it just wasn't right. 
And it needed legs. 
So I searched through my stash and came up with some. 
This is the end result. 
 The little back splash thingies were in one of the drawers and I raided my stash of knobs.
 I wanted a beachy feel to them so the top got a simple makeover.

 I think these legs are perfect for this. Now it's the height needed for all those higher beds that everyone has.
And they are off to their new home. 
I hope they enjoy them. 

(side more week with this silly splint on my thumb! Can you tell I'm excited? YIPPIE!) 

Miss Mustard Seed

Monday 16 June 2014

More green and white.

If you read my blog last week, you know I broke my thumb.
Stupid I know.
I look on the bright side of things though. It was only my thumb and it was on my left hand. It's more of an annoyance than anything else. I can't grasp things and so far I have almost zero movement in it. I'm being really good about keeping the splint on it. This is hard for me though..I sooooooo do not obey rules well.

I'm also thankful I have had zero pain. Oh yes it hurt for a few min after initial impact, but nothing since. So no pain killers for me. (not a fan of taking pills)

It has slowed me down a bit..but not as much as I thought it might.
And this weekend I was able to finish a wonderful set of night stands that didn't start out life as night stands.
They started out as a vintage vanity.
Yes this picture sucks, and I have no other "before" pictures. But it's that one in the middle with the crate sitting on top of it. 
Cute right? 
Maybe not so cute...not before and not during. 
After taking it apart and doing some fill work, it was ready for paint. I wanted to keep the top pulls as I thought they were super cute. Then had to find some other pulls that would work with them and a colour that would bring it all together. 
Bring on the green! 
 Cute right?

 The knob on the bottom isn't as "blue" as this picture seems to suggest. But check out that pull. gooey love. (is that an emotion?)

 I love when a project comes together. 
Min of two more weeks with this splint on....ugggg. Lord help me be a good patient. :) 

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Mod Vintage Life 

Monday 9 June 2014

Broken Thumb~

See that? 
It's a broken thumb. 

It's a long story. Short version? Don't place your thumb between a reversing drill while unscrewing a screw and a 2X4 that doesn't move! 
It really hasn't slowed me down much, it's more of an annoyance than anything else. As you can tell by the primer. I was working on some trim. 

Minimum of 3 weeks to heal enough to remove the splint. The swelling has gone down enough that I no longer have to shove the splint back on after washing my hands. It's still tight...but much better than it was when I first broke it on Thurs. 
I should probably count the number of projects I do with a broken thumb...sounds like a challenge to me :) 
Happy Monday everyone :)

Thursday 5 June 2014

Waterfall love!

I have a love affair with Waterfall Furniture. 
It really does come from growing up with it. My parents had a bedroom set that was waterfall. The double bed eventually found it's way to my home and was used for my daughter when she got out of her crib. 
Sadly that piece is now gone, along with all the other pieces. 
But I still have the memories. 
A few weeks back I finished a dresser for our bedroom at the cottage. 
It fits perfectly. I couldn't be happier. 
But now I'm wondering if I should sell it and replace it with this one I finished last weekend. 
 After all the details are amazing right?

 I especially love the star.
Ohhh the choices. 
Which would you keep? 

Coastal Charm
Miss Mustard Seed 

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Radio Cabinet redo.

A couple of weeks ago I was out yard sale(ing) and came across this old radio cabinet
I think I had a dirty lens on my phone. And I never bothered to get a second "before" picture. 
This thing was dirty. When I say dirty, I mean I had to go change my clothes after bringing it home. It had grease and something else on it..just gross! 

So I scrubbed it and stripped it and could not get the stain matter what I did :( 
But that's the good thing about what I do. There is always a plan B or even C if needed. :) 

 Plan B worked wonderfully!

 I kept looking at this and it seemed like the perfect blanket box! How many of you have a corner in your living room that holds throw blankets for those cold winter evenings and all you want to do is lay on the couch and cover up while watching a good movie? But that pile of blankets is always a mess? too.
 I've always repaired everything...but lately I've been embracing age (even on me) And some imperfections I've been leaving alone. I'm actually starting to really like the character it adds. Like on this piece.

 It turned out perfect
And it's sold
And I can't wait to find out what it will be used for. You know that just because I have one vision for a piece of furniture, that doesn't mean that it's new owner has the same vision. 

Sunday 1 June 2014

Beds are made for dreaming

I just got back from a very busy few days at the cottage. 
I love going there, but it seems all I do is work. Don't get me wrong, the stress goes and for me it's really relaxing. I just love it there. 

This time when I went I was able to get a LOT done. I'll share more with you through the week, but I couldn't hold off sharing this wonderful vintage bed. 
This is sadly the only before pic I could find. But it shows the wonderful details and the whole reason I bought it in the first place. 
But no more of that..I'm finished it :) 

 Please ignore the dog. I swear the min the camera comes out the dogs want to be close by. But if I point the camera right at them...they run. Go figure.
 I did it in a wonderful two tone. At least I think it's wonderful. Something any little girl would be proud to sleep in, don't you think?

 Look at all those lovely details!
Here's hoping this bed finds a home that will love it as much as I do.