Wednesday 28 May 2014

Spring planter

I'm so thrilled with all this wonderful weather I can hardly sit still. 
I'm really looking forward to lots of flowers this year. And to help things along I redid a few planters for my husband to fill. 
Yes I can garden, but he LOVES to garden, so I very easily handed that job over to him. 

One of our pots died over the winter, just fell apart. 
So when I was out the other day picking things up from a pre yard sale pick, I found these sad pots. 
 Not sure if this is what they looked like new. I loved the shape and the size and of course the price. :) 
So I wiped them down and pulled out my "General Finishes" Milk paint and went nuts.

 A bit rough right? But after only one coat they were already looking way better!
 But still a bit plain. So I added some med grey glaze.

 Now for Hubby to do his job and fill them up to over flowing!
And we will see how well they hold up. 
And since the ones at the front of the house were looking pretty old I took them in and did the same treatment. 
Colour seems a bit different because I took pics at different times of day. 
But they are all the same colour....I swear! 

 These sit at the front of the house and the others will go out back.
Wonder how long I have to wait to get those flowers. I think that if it doesn't happen by weekend...I'm going shopping myself. 

I'm NOT the most patient wife in the world....sorry hun. 

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Monday 26 May 2014

Another green love green!

Name this dresser?
I wish, I'm so bad with names. So just a yummy green dresser. 

I totally forgot before pics, probably because I loaded it in pieces and brought it home and just started working on it. 
But of course I have afters. 
Wanna see? of course you do. Why else would you be here :) 

 This was actually a roadside find. Which is why I brought it home in pieces. Everything was there, but I guess it was to much effort for the old owners to put back together. All it needed was a few nails and a ton of glue...some stripping down, some sanding and stain and distressing etc.
 Ok...that means it needed a fair amount of work. And I switched out the handles...filled the holes an got new knobs. Cute right?

 It's the perfect size for a low dresser or better yet...would be a great size for a bedside table.

Now it's for sale and ready to go. :) 


Sunday 25 May 2014

Painted Buffet another beauty

It's been a while since I've done an antique buffet. 
Not that I've been avoiding them, I just haven't come across a lot lately. 
So when I came across this one...I just had to have it.
Isn't she pretty? 
I really need to start naming my pieces. Course I would probably want to change the name once it's done. After all the look is totally different now. 
 The whole piece is Solid oak and all of it Tiger oak to boot.
 Look at that grain! But what a mess stripping it down. I mean seriously, have you ever done those pieces that are all "goop"? What a mess! Oh well, it was well worth it don't you think?
 Please ignore the hand shadows. Ever try to take pictures in the sun without some kind of shadow? Near impossible, especially when all you are taking pictures with are those point and shoot camera's.

 I love the mirror and the shelf and the little knick nack holders. All the details are just right.

 The bottoms of the drawers were I painted the inside, then didn't like it. Ever have that? Change direction mid stream? So one of my clients gave me a roll of wallpaper that I thought was perfect for this..and I used it. Double protection is good right?

Once again. 
From this......
To this.....

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Back deck update

After a very long winter it's really spring. 

How do I know? We brought out the deck furniture of course :) 

I love our furniture, but the pillows that we got with our set was really showing it's age and just wasn't holding up. The last two years we have been meaning to order new foam and make new pillows, but I just never seemed to get around to it. 

 So last weekend while I was out at yard sales I found these! They were brand new still in it's plastic, and the best part? I only paid $20 for all 8 pillows! How cool is that?

As you can see, I use my computer out here during great weather. 

 I've added some candles, and put my daughters flip flops under them (just to see how long it takes for her to remember where they are)

 And I brought out my husbands water pump...see the mark in front of it? I think that's where I placed it last year.....hmmm might be time to redo the deck itself?
 Then we had a storm and all our chairs were moved. They normally sit leaning against the table.
 All of them moved back and down and looked like someone just lifted them up and placed them exactly the same way and exactly the same distance from the table.

 Was really kinda freaky when I got up this morning. Hubby says it was the zombies....but he's crazy like
Now to get some plants for the summer.......ohhh I'm so happy to be OUTSIDE! 
More to come when I'm sure the freezing is over.

Monday 19 May 2014

Belty dresser

End of a long weekend here. 
The weather was cool but turned out a lot nicer than I thought. 
If you saw my last post, you know we worked hard on our great room at the cottage. I'm so glad we got that done (except for the upstairs part) 
I taught one of our neighours how to use chalk paint and glaze. I can't tell  you how hard it was for me to hand over the paint brush and just go for it. 
Wonder if that makes me a control freak?

And because the colours have changed in our cottage I ended up painting our little desk to fit better in our room. 
See all the electrical to the side? Yup...hubby went around and replaced all the switches and outlets. Everything is pure white now...yeah!! :) 
Sorry about the bad pic, I snapped it with my phone. 
I posted it and promptly sold 
Thank goodness I had already picked up a replacement for it. :) 

Wow, that totally got off topic. 
I came here to show you the dresser I finished last week. 
Totally fun! 

Simple dresser that I didn't want to rip apart and do over into something new...but I wanted to add something to it. 
I had already taken it apart when suddenly I remembered to take "befores" 

This sad little piece was screwed together. I fixed 
I ripped off the wood knobs, filled them and then had some fun! 

Ever want to just have a bit of fun? This piece was perfect for that! 

Check him out now!

 House numbers and belts.
 it really has an "industrial" feel to it now.

 It's just so fun now...I love it!

From drab to fab! 
I totally see this in a boys room holding all his treasures. :) 

Now to load up that desk I sold and bring it home. 
Then to spend a bit of time with my daughter who was stuck at home working the long weekend away. 


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