Sunday 25 May 2014

Painted Buffet another beauty

It's been a while since I've done an antique buffet. 
Not that I've been avoiding them, I just haven't come across a lot lately. 
So when I came across this one...I just had to have it.
Isn't she pretty? 
I really need to start naming my pieces. Course I would probably want to change the name once it's done. After all the look is totally different now. 
 The whole piece is Solid oak and all of it Tiger oak to boot.
 Look at that grain! But what a mess stripping it down. I mean seriously, have you ever done those pieces that are all "goop"? What a mess! Oh well, it was well worth it don't you think?
 Please ignore the hand shadows. Ever try to take pictures in the sun without some kind of shadow? Near impossible, especially when all you are taking pictures with are those point and shoot camera's.

 I love the mirror and the shelf and the little knick nack holders. All the details are just right.

 The bottoms of the drawers were I painted the inside, then didn't like it. Ever have that? Change direction mid stream? So one of my clients gave me a roll of wallpaper that I thought was perfect for this..and I used it. Double protection is good right?

Once again. 
From this......
To this.....


  1. What a beautiful piece! Great makeover!

  2. Stunning! The wood top is just absolutely gorgeous. I love the teal color too, how fun!