Sunday 18 May 2014

The Cottage, a work in progress

As most of you know, our cottage is a work in progress. 
We are trying to do everything on a very tight budget! 
This weekend we worked on our great room...and had a bit of a mess in the middle of it. 

So yesterday morning I left for my weekly yard sale search. I got some great deals! I'll take pictures later today since yesterday we had a bit of an emergency at the cottage. 

I called my hubby from the car (bluetooth in car is a wonderful thing) No laws broken! 
He told me we have "water issues" but wouldn't explain. 
Oh dear...what now. 
When I got back to the cottage I found two holes in the laundry room wall. 
This pic was AFTER the fix. 
Seems that when we renovated the bathroom next door (did that last year) a nail pricked the pipe. BUT it took a year for it to start leaking! 
So off to town to get a compression fitting and fix it. Thank goodness we are both handy type people and knew what to do. 
Fixed and we put a fan to it to dry everything up.
Close the door and back to work. 
 Here you can see that we actually need to get a taller ladder. That will come next weekend.
 A bit of the old and a bit of the new.
 Isn't the new much MUCH better?
 And finally a pic of our mini disaster. Don't worry, we don't normally live in this kind of mess. And most of it was put back by the time we went to bed last night.

Now some of the furniture needs to be repainted. 

Why do I create more work for myself? LOL 

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