Thursday 28 February 2013

Antique dresser in Green

Anyone who knows me, knows my favorite colours are red and green. I know they are Christmas colours and there may be a connection there somewhere. But really Green is my top colour. I love spring and summer and all things green in just about all shades, depending on the application that is. 

I may be colour blind or decorating blind, but I think green goes with just about anything, in any room. 

As luck would have it. I found the perfect project to play with my green paint. 

 Yes I know...the bottom drawer is missing in the pic, but I do have it. I had already taken the handles off since they were just 1980's kitchen handles and sooooooo did not go with this piece.
I did however like the little details at the bottom and the fact that it had it's original wood casters. Those things are special to me. yes I know, it doesn't take much to please me :) 

I did strip it all down, re stain it and finished the top in a dark stain before attacking the body with a simple green paint. 

 I switched out the handles for these cute white distressed ones.
 I did a very slight distressing at all the right spots.

 the top turned out amazing!
This girl is 1/2 solid wood. I'm not sure what kind of wood it is, but I strongly suspect it's Ash. 
Doesn't matter to me since I think it's just perfect the way it is. 
And it reminds me that Spring is just around the corner. 

Bring on Spring!! 

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Monday 25 February 2013

Lemon Blueberry Muffins (Gluten free)

Does this title surprise you? 
I think most that come to my blog only see me as someone who "does furniture" But I'm so much more than that. 
I'm a mom (my kids have grown and moved out) 
I'm a wife (my husband might wonder if I live with him or in my workshop) 
I'm a sister and a daughter/in law
I LOVE shoes and purses and have learned (most of the time) to enjoy the shoes while they sit in the store, then go back for frequent visits :) 
I'm also a foodie. I think that's what people that cook or eat or whatever are called right? 
I love to cook, I love to bake and I love to do big dinners with new recipes. 

And I love to save money. (don't we all) 
A few weeks back I was invited to a facebook group that is all about bartering. As things go it was decided that I would bake some gluten free muffins in exchange for a haircut. 
How awesome is that? 

So off in search of a gluten free recipe I went, and I found a wonderful one at Simply Gluten Free
I am just posting the link to the recipe and not repeating it here. 
And just so I had something to compare it to, I also tried another blueberry muffin recipe from Cooking on the Side

Since this was my first time doing muffins gluten free I thought I would share it with you here. 
The first picture is from the first recipe just as they were heading in the oven. I do not have an after picture of this recipe because I was also baking a couple loaves of bread and making two home made soups at the time. 

 These two are from the second recipe. They look rather cumbly...but they aren't, I was just knocking off some of my mess from a messy scooping in before baking.

My daughter assures me that they are wonderful (I didn't eat any since they are for that haircut tomorrow)

So I got to bake, I got to save money and I am getting a haircut. Makes for a very happy Monday. 

Ohhh and the bread came out great as well, daughter and hubby were very happy at supper time. Fresh bread with soup always goes over well :) 

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Sunday 24 February 2013

I am not a hoarder

I am not a hoarder.
Ok, maybe when it comes to furniture and tins I am....just a bit. 
I Love tins and I love furniture and clocks and.....well maybe just a little bit I'm very picky about what I like to collect. 
I see some amazing things on different blogs I love. 
And I so wish I could be more...eclectic. 
My hope and dream is to do more with our home away from home...our cottage. 

So this year I'm going to be blogging about my cottage transformation. 
And I'm going to do it on next to nothing! 
So come along for the ride :) 

This is the back as we bought it 3 years ago, already it is changed, more open. 

 And this is the front...again, more open. But more to come.
 These inside pics were of the cottage when we bought it..again there have been some changes...but a lot more to come.

Hope you join me...I can't wait :) 

Thursday 21 February 2013

From Broken to Beautiful

Earlier this week I had to go out and get a chair for a project I was doing. On on my travels I was able to nab a desk. 
 I don't think you can see it but there is a crack right along the the top. Just some glue coming loose, easy fix, but I tell you because you will see it more clearly when I'm fixing it.
 Obviously the middle drawer needed to be repaired as did one of the bottom drawers.
But I saw beyond the colour and the poor paint job and the broken pieces. 

 After stripping the top down and stripping most of the rest of the desk I was able to begin the repairs needed. I think you can see the seam.

 LOTS of stripping...but solid maple under all that paint, so to me it was well worth the time and effort to do it right.

Just a bit of repair on the bottom of the legs and we are ready to go! :) 

After all that work we ended up with this!! 

TA DA :) 

 A beautiful maple top...stained and sealed with Poly
 The rest was repainted on a now SMOOTH surface.
 All the hardware was replaced with something a bit more up to date :)

So pretty and so ready for it's new home! 
So again...from this!
To this!

I'm so happy with it. 
Tomorrow I work on the matching chair. 

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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Perfectly distressed

I've done my share of distressing. I like when details pop out at you when you uncover them slightly with the wave of sandpaper. But in the back of my mind I always have that little voice (sounds like my husbands voice but that's another that says to not distress to much. 
I've seen some amazing pieces on other blogs where the person goes nuts and really distresses their pieces. I love love the look. 
Sadly I've been to shy to do it myself.........until now! 

Last week I picked up this wonderful dresser. 
 I fell in love at first sight. It was/is in great shape! Always a bonus when you are redoing something. No drawers to fix, no veneer to fix/replace.
 Wonderful legs.
 All original hardware and just enough detailing to make it amazing :) it was a bit dirty, but that is no big deal. Cleaning is all part of the process :) 

I took her into my workshop and stripped her down, re stained it so that when I did do the distressing there would be lots of wonderful dark showing through. 
I discovered the top to be solid walnut...I just love walnut :) 
Then covered in a coat of white primer and oops paint. 
This is how she came out. 
 Just look at all that yummy detailing.
 The whole thing just pops :)
 Ahhhh legs, I just can't get enough of the wonder of them.
 And check out that awesome walnut top!
 I kept most of the original hardware, but did replace the top drawer ones with these ruby glass ones.

 It may look rough..but it's sooooooo smooth you can slide your hands over it like butter. I love that!

Thursday 14 February 2013

Poke ball

I had an old dresser that was falling apart. Seriously it was in such rough shape that it kinda just sat out in the hall because I was afraid that if I moved it, it would fall apart and I wouldn't know how to get it back together.
Finally my wonderful hunk of a man (husband) helped me move it into my workshop and together we pieced it back together. 
This is what it looked like after we made it sturdy again. The legs and top and sides had all come apart. 
Since this wasn't going to be a dresser again really we decided to lay new wood where the top two drawers used to be to make it into an entertainment unit. Then added a bit of trim in order to make the edge softer. 
I didn't post a picture but did mention it on my fb page in case anyone wanted to have it customized. I had a lot of interest! 
So the first person to contact me got it and got to customize it for her son who not only one of the cutest little boys I know...but he's totally obsessed with pokemon. 
At first the mom (who is a friend of mine) tried telling me what she wanted. I was really confused till I looked up a "poke ball" 

THEN I finally understood what she was asking me to do. 
So I came up with this :)
 I ended up touching up the circle and not distressing anything since I wanted clean clear lines.

He's super happy with his new entertainment unit, and it now sits proudly in his room for his TV and vid games to sit on. 
Happy Valentines day Myles :) 

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