Tuesday 19 February 2013

Perfectly distressed

I've done my share of distressing. I like when details pop out at you when you uncover them slightly with the wave of sandpaper. But in the back of my mind I always have that little voice (sounds like my husbands voice but that's another story..lol) that says to not distress to much. 
I've seen some amazing pieces on other blogs where the person goes nuts and really distresses their pieces. I love love the look. 
Sadly I've been to shy to do it myself.........until now! 

Last week I picked up this wonderful dresser. 
 I fell in love at first sight. It was/is in great shape! Always a bonus when you are redoing something. No drawers to fix, no veneer to fix/replace.
 Wonderful legs.
 All original hardware and just enough detailing to make it amazing :)
ok..so it was a bit dirty, but that is no big deal. Cleaning is all part of the process :) 

I took her into my workshop and stripped her down, re stained it so that when I did do the distressing there would be lots of wonderful dark showing through. 
I discovered the top to be solid walnut...I just love walnut :) 
Then covered in a coat of white primer and oops paint. 
This is how she came out. 
 Just look at all that yummy detailing.
 The whole thing just pops :)
 Ahhhh legs, I just can't get enough of the wonder of them.
 And check out that awesome walnut top!
 I kept most of the original hardware, but did replace the top drawer ones with these ruby glass ones.

 It may look rough..but it's sooooooo smooth you can slide your hands over it like butter. I love that!


  1. WOW...now this is one wonderful DIY makeover...love her new look. Sorry that you are having a problem linking up to my party...I see my name with a link to my blog...so I don't know why this is happening.


  2. What a beautiful makeover - absolutely love the amount of distressing going on there and the wood top is perfect!!!

  3. luv the restoration~the red top knobs are fab...thanx for sharing! mt castle doors are always open for browsing over at the "royal blog"

  4. Hello Titia...came from the Ironstone Nest party to like your Blog! Nice to meet you and your distressing art!
    Lizy at https://www.facebook.com/JustDipItInChocolate